Everyone deserves to live in safety, free of fear of human-based threats.

Protecting our lifestyle is as important as protecting life. It is what distinguishes civilization.

Threats should not force you to change your ways.

This is why at IREX we are changing the way the world thinks about safety. 

Through an easy and powerful platform of tools designed to empower security personnel at mass events and gatherings. IREX delivers robust, military-grade protection and peace of mind that has never been attainable before. It complements the work of security professionals to guarantee an unprecedented level of safety for all.

IREX uses Artificial Intelligence technology to combat 21st century problems, allowing organizations to adapt to ever-changing threats with ease. Identify-Prevent-Detect!

With one of the most passionate, dedicated, and talented teams in the world, IREX is committed to allowing our loves ones unprecedented confidence in safety by deploying the world’s best software to defeat the world’s most dangerous threats.

The IREX team is on a mission to protect millions of people by empowering them to relax and enjoy large venues and events without worrying about global threats.

Leadership Team

Gary Fowler


Derek Distenfield


Gus Vidaurreta

Chief Strategy Officer

Rick Orloff


Daniel Eborall

Director of Sales

David Luna

Anti-Illicit Trade Advisor

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