IREX Ethical AI
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IREX is a turnkey ecosystem comprising video management, analytics, search engine and more
IREX Secure Private Cloud connects to existing cameras and IoT sensors across your city or state.
How it Works
IREX Artificial Intelligence detects public safety threats (such as weapons) and instantly sends alerts and notifications.
Alerts are received by first responders, security staff, and various other stakeholders allowing the relevant personnel collaborate, exchange evidence media, and track progress in secure chats.
Searchveillance™ is then used by law enforcement and government officials to collect data/evidence concerning people, vehicles, and events.

Secure Private Cloud

Secure Private Cloud
Flexible deployment model: Self-hosted or SaaS

Full control of data and sovereignty

Compatible with standard servers and cameras

Government-grade security
Video Infrastructure for Smart Cities
Organize 1,000s of cameras and IoT sensors with the IREX global map and floor plans, tags, hierarchical groups, and more.
Manage permissions across multiple organizations with enterprise-grade tools including user roles and groups.
Cost Reduction
Cost Reduction
Support multi-tenant deployments on a single IREX cluster (i.e. multiple towns or transport agencies).
Specific AI Needs Across Applications
Metro and Rail Safety
Detect people falling or walking on railways and measure crowd density levels to promote safety
Smart Intersections
Detect congestions, driving violations, collect traffic statistics
Smart Bus Shelters
Detect criminal activity (vandalism, assaults) and quasi-criminal activity (loitering, vagrancy, littering, solicitation)
Missing Persons
Locate missing children/persons and detect human trafficking
Smart Parking
Detect vacant places and threats such as fire, weapons
Deployed in Numerous Countries
We operate within some of in the world's largest cities, facilitating data collection and risk assessment throughout public transportation networks and other critical infrastructure.
50 000+
1 000+
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