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AI-Powered Collaboration Platform for Stadium Security

Sports are a source of joy and connection that brings people together. Everyday hardworking people and their families enter stadiums seeking thrills that will create long-lasting memories.

But crowds are in danger because of the terrorism, mass shootings, failed prevention, and confusions in communication. Business and franchises are in danger because of massive liabilities.

To answer these challenges, IREX has developed an AI-powered collaboration platform for Stadium Security.

Collaborative Security

Our incident command system is mobile. It provides organizations the IREX messenger on any mobile devices allowing for communication, push notifications, image and video and capturing.

AI Powered Facial Recognition

Searchveilliance™ is when you can find a person of interest by simply uploading a photo and receive instant results determining where and when this person was spotted.

Private Cloud

IREX is available on-demand: no server and storage hardware needed to be deployed across sports venues.The IREX private cloud architecture enables secure, resilient, and easy deployment across unlimited cameras and unlimited users on multiple devices. 

Fan & Player Enjoyment

Fans, players and other key personnel can easily enter the stadium without passes, keys or embarrassing hassles.

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