#1 in Collaborative Security and Searchveillance

Prevent. Detect. Intervene.

AI Powered Turn-Key Platform for Smart Cities

Smart City solutions demand powerful security solutions. The IREX collaboration suite is a powerful tool for city managers to monitor the situation in the municipality or large public area.

Integrating multiple visual instruments including cameras and drones, IREX AI mechanisms will seek out unwanted individuals, criminal elements as well as health hazards - from ignoring social distancing to contact tracing during pandemics.

IREX is an organized and well prepared safety watchdog that stands guard over cities providing much needed information not just in times of crisis, but before a crisis forms.  

Collaborative Security

Our incident command system is mobile. It provides organizations the IREX messenger on any mobile devices allowing for communication, push notifications, image and video and capturing.

AI Powered Facial Recognition

Searchveilliance™ is when you can find a person of interest by simply uploading a photo and receive instant results determining where and when this person was spotted.

Private Cloud

IREX is available on-demand: no server and storage hardware needed to be deployed across cities.The IREX private cloud architecture enables secure, resilient, and easy deployment across unlimited cameras and unlimited users on multiple devices. 

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