Secure Social Distancing

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AI-Powered Collaboration & Health Security

IREX's video-based cloud service is a powerful tool for monitoring and protecting large populations from large-scale outbreaks of infectious diseases, terrorism threats, and crime. Powered by machine learning, IREX provides contact tracing, social distancing and crowd management. 

AI-Powered Social Distance Control

Instant alarm if crowding is detected in public spaces during coronavirus (COVID-19) and other dangerous infections
Dashboard analytics provide an overview 

Contact Tracing and Thermal Camera Fever Detection

Instant alarm if a person with elevated temperature walks into a public space
Thermal and cctv video integration
Find and track the person on maps and floor maps, as well as initiate contact tracing for risk containment.

Messenger-based Collaboration for Response Teams

Verification of quarantined persons by photo upload
Push-notification with photos and personal information
Public and private chats

Private Cloud

IREX is available on-demand: no server and storage hardware needed to be deployed across sports venues.The IREX private cloud architecture enables secure, resilient, and easy deployment across unlimited cameras and unlimited users on multiple devices. 

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