Sports Venues
IREX protects major sports venues and stadiums by providing real-time alerts, video management, on-site and off-site storage, forensic searches, and virtual collaboration
AI Video Analytics
  • pre-registered athletes, VIPs, and other visitors for biometric access control and hospitality
  • Identify and track suspects and criminals
  • Identify and track targets with elevated body temperature

  • people failing to adhere to public health measures/guidelines (masks, social distancing, etc.)
  • dangerous crowd density
  • weapons (firearms and bladed weapons)
  • unattended and suspicious items
  • perimeter intrusions
  • loitering and vagrancy
  • stumbling and falling (heart attacks/strokes, elderly accidents, intoxicated/inebriated attendees)
  • camera sabotage and other vandalism
Integration of Real-Time Alerts and Searchveillance™
IREX supports integrations with:
  • Access Control and Ticketing Systems
  • Fire Alarms
  • Multi-lens Camera System
  • Parking Areas
  • Gates
  • Public Areas (corridors, elevators, lounges, etc.)
  • VIP Rooms
  • Stands
  • Venue Operational Control
  • Security Offices
  • Volunteers and Security Staff
  • Police Station
Reduced response times
Increased customer experience and safety
Safety compliance
Reduced control room staffing requirements
IREX Secure Private Cloud is deployed on-premises to ensure high availability and scalability at the venue

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