IREX Smart City Platform Knowledge Database

IREX Overview

What is IREX?
IREX is a video-based service for evidence-based safety designed to empower cities. With a smart integration of Computer Vision AI, Big Data, and Enterpise Messagining, IREX allows cities to adapt to ever-changing threats to combat 21st-century problems such as pandemics, overcrowding, missing people, crime, mass shootings, and illegal immigration.
What product category does IREX fit?
  • Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) / Cloud-based Video Management
  • Artificial Intelligence as a Service (IAaS) / Video Analytics for Public Safety
  • Enterprise Collaboration for Smart Cities
  • Secure Private Cloud for Smart Cities
How does IREX work?
IREX connects to existing CCTV cameras and IoT sensors in cities. IREX runs Computer Vision AI to detect public safety threats such as fire or unattended items and sends alerts directly to first responders, security teams, venue managers, and other stakeholders. They collaborate on the IREX Messaging Platform to share media and track progress. The city government and local police can use IREX’ Searchveillance™ engine to find suspects, missing people, vehicles, and incidents such as vandalism. IREX event statistics can be used to improve traffic, transportation and cleaning services in the city.
Who are end-users of IREX in cities?
IREX is designed to serve multiple city authorities and businesses, including the city government, traffic management, first responders, law enforcement, and city suppliers, for example building and cleaning companies.
Who can provide a service to cities using the IREX platform?
Security providers, telecom providers, cloud providers, system integrators, monitoring stations can leverage the IREX platform and provide value-added services to cities.
What is Searchveillance™?
Searchveillance™ is the IREX' patented technology to find people, vehicles, and events in Big Data from surveillance cameras and other city IoTs. Searchveillance™ saves man-days of labor-intensive video analysis during law enforcement operations and investigations. 

Learn more in the IREX blog
What type of venues can IREX protect?
IREX protects airports, metro, railway stations, streets and highways, shopping malls, gas stations, stadiums, parks and other public spaces.
What device and software do users need to connect to IREX?
All the IREX features are available from a web interface. Chrome is a recommended browser, but other browsers such as Safari are also supported.

IREX apps are based on the PWA technology and are available on Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS, and other platforms. The app can be installed directly from the IREX web portal.

Learn more about installing the IREX PWA
Why is IREX a carrier-grade platform? What does this mean?
Unlike conventional video management systems (VMS) and physical security information systems (PSIM), IREX is designed to serve multiple organizations from a single Secure Private Cloud. For example, a service provider for a smart city can connect City Government, Local Businesses, First Responders, and Police. All these users can share cameras and data, yet can be completely isolated from each other.

Technically speaking, IREX carried-grade features include:
  • Multi-tenant product design
  • Multi-vendor support for cameras and servers
  • Cross-platform clients (web browsers, desktops, and mobile devices)
  • High availability, no single point of failure
  • Horizontal scaling by the number of cameras, the number of users, and retention period
  • One-click rebranding of the web portal and mobile apps
  • Advanced monitoring and logging tools
  • Rolling updates (i.e. without stopping the service)
  • Billing integrations
Does IREX encrypt video and other data?
Yes, IREX does encrypt all traffic from the IREX Secure Cloud to clients, including video data.

At the same time, most cameras do not encrypt data that is sent to the IREX Secure Cloud. This is not a problem if the IREX instance is deployed in your private network. If you wish to transmit encrypted video streams outside the private network, consider the following options:
  • Site-to-site VPN (e.g. IPSec)
  • IREX Edge Server
How much does IREX cost for end-users?
IREX monthly all-inclusive fees are ~$100 per camera per month. This price is inclusive of all platform capabilities, AI modules, software, server and networking hardware, 30-day data retention and support. The price does not include cameras and last mile connection. 

If you need a different package or perpetual software licenses, please contact sales at
How does IREX deal with privacy?
  • IREX identifies pre-specified persons only such as  missing people, criminals, suspects, opted-in staff members and pre-specified vehicles (i.e. missing vehicles or without permission to drive). It cannot be used to identify random people in public spaces.
  • IREX customers have 100% ownership and control of the data, no third-party can access the recorded video, images, or events, unless access to the third-party is explicitly provided by the customer.
  • IREX customers choose the datacenter, where the data is physically stored and processed.
  • IREX uses commercially reasonable efforts to deploy and uphold the best security practices and standards.
  • IREX is GDPR and CCPA-compliant.
Which interface languages does IREX support?
IREX currently supports English and Russian. Additional languages can be added upon request.
What are the support options available for IREX?
IREX offers Standard and Premium Support subscriptions. To learn more, go to
Where is IREX located?
IrexAI Inc. is a Delaware corporation with a reg. office at 901 N Pitt Street, Suite 170, Alexandria, VA 22314, USA. IREX has a global team of about 100 engineers, sales and marketing specialists around the world.

IREX servers are hosted with trusted providers in the US, UK, and other countries per client’s choice.

Why is IREX different?

IREX vs everyone
IREX brings Real-Time Alerts, Searchviellance™, and Collaborative Security to Smart Cities while meeting strict government requirements in sovereignty and compliance.

Real-Time Alerts: IREX detects public safety threats with Computer Vision AI and sends instant messages to authorized staff from city government, security, first-responders. For example, IREX can detect dangerous crowds, guns, unattended items, and safety violations.

Searchviellance™: IREX finds missing people, suspects, vehicles instantly across thousands of cameras.

City Collaboration: IREX enables multiple city organizations to work together i.e. receive alerts, upload evidence media, track progress on any device.

Secure Private Cloud: IREX enables a self-hosted deployment model for enhanced security, full control of data and sovereignty.

Carrier-grade Platform: IREX can be deployed at scale and service multiple organizations. Learn More

IREX vs traditional VMS (Milestone, Genetec etc)
Unlike traditional (non-cloud) video management systems, IREX provides:
  • Carrier-grade capabilities, including multi-tenancy and high availability
  • Big Data (distributed database) support
  • Rich collaboration and media sharing
IREX vs cloud VMS (iVideon, Eagle Eye etc)
Unlike common cloud video platforms, IREX does not use public clouds and is deployed by default in a separate secure private cloud for each enterprise client. This prevents global security disasters and enables customized security policies.

Unlike common cloud video platforms, IREX seamlessly integrates AI modules in its core pipeline and provides unparalleled user experience (such as Searchveillance™) on all desktop and mobile clients as well as its web version. Common cloud VMS often lacks built-in AI capabilities, which negatively affects ease of use, performance, and the total cost of ownership.
IREX vs closed systems (Verkada, Rhombus etc)
Unlike closed systems  such as Verkada and Rhombus, IREX is compatible with third-party cameras, sensors, and server hardware, eliminating the vendor lock-in and the need to replace the city infrastructure.

Unlike closed systems, IREX does not use public clouds and is deployed by default in a separate secure private cloud for each enterprise client. This prevents global security disasters and enables customized security policies. 

IREX AI capabilities are not restricted by camera processor and memory, in particular, IREX can run NIST-rated facial recognition and more computally-intensive AI modules one a single camera stream.
IREX vs Amazon Kinesis
IREX is a turn-key solution for smart cities whereas Amazon Kinesis is a set of cloud services that require a substantial amount of software development and support. Kinesis does not have a user interface for organizing cameras, managing permissions, Searchveillance™, real-time alerts, etc. 

Unlike Amazon, IREX does not use public clouds and is deployed by default in a separate secure private cloud for each enterprise client. This prevents global security disasters and enables customized security policies.
IREX vs face recognition vendors (Paravision, Anyvision etc)
Most smart city projects go beyond face recognition and require additional capabilities such as video management, behavioural analytics, vehicle analytics, and more. IREX provides unparalleled user experience to use different AI, centralized management, and maintenance.

IREX Business Model

How can I buy IREX?
Two options are available:
  1. IREX-Hosted SaaS: the software is hosted and operated by IREX in our Secure Private Clouds in the US, UK or Europe.
  2. Self-Hosted Software: the software is hosted and operated by you in a data-center or on-premises.
Learn more on the IREX web site

Does IREX have a partner program?
Yes, IREX has a comprehensive partner program with two agreement options:
  1. Channel Partner Agreement (CPA)  for Business Development Representatives (BDRs), Influencers, Consultants, and Lobbyists.
  2. Distribution and Licensing Agreement (DLA) for service providers and system integrators.
Please reach us at to apply.
How does IREX protect the partner business?
  1. IREX carefully manages its partnership network and provides partner exclusivity for qualified opportunities.
  2. IREX does not sell to end-users.
Can I become an exclusive partner for my country?
A partner should demonstrate a substantial track record in selling IREX services in the country in order to apply for geographic exclusivity.
Can I rebrand IREX?
Yes, IREX is re-branded with few mouse clicks, no code change is required. 
For example, you can use a logo of your client (i.e. city) or service provider.  

The PWAs (mobile apps) do not require re-publishing in App Store and Google Play.
Standard IREX updates can be applied to re-branded versions of IREX.
Where is IREX located?
IrexAI Inc. is a Delaware corporation with a reg. office at 901 N Pitt Street, Suite 170, Alexandria, VA 22314, USA. IREX has a global team of about 100 engineers, sales and marketing specialists around the world.

IREX servers are hosted with trusted providers in the US, UK, and other countries per client’s choice.
What are the support options available for IREX?
IREX offers Standard and Premium Support subscriptions. To learn more, go to

IREX Pilots

Can I run a free pilot or PoC?
IREX does offer free pilots for qualified projects only. Please contact one of our global representatives to request a free pilot.
What do I need to run a pilot?
There are two options:
  • IREX Pilot Hosting: the client shall provide RTSP URLs pointing to live video streams. The URLs shall be accessible from the Internet, i.e. the client may need to configure a Network Address Translation (NAT) service or provide VPN access to its private network with IP-cameras.

  • Client Hosting (On-Prem): the client shall provide bare-metal server, network infrastructure and cameras to deploy IREX. The client shall also provide a temporal VPN connection to allow IREX engineers to deploy and configure the IREX platform. See our recommended server hardware for 5, 15, and 35 cameras.  Also, it is possible to provide the equivalent virtual resources (e.g. under VmWare).  Please note that the production-level configuration is different from the above POC configurations. 

See also:

IREX Deployment

What project size does IREX fit?
IREX is optimized for large city networks starting from 1 000 cameras and IoTs. However, smaller projects can be supported by connecting their cameras to the existing IREX deployments across the world.
How to install IREX?
IREX Secure Private Cloud can be quickly deployed with a trusted data center provider per client choice. Multiple cities or towns can be co-located on a single IREX Secure Private Cloud to reduce costs. 

For remote sites (e.g. gas stations), an IREX Edge Server can be used to minimize bandwidth utilization and enable offline alerts and video recording.
Can I deploy IREX on-premises?
Yes, IREX Secure Private Cloud can be deployed on large sites (e.g. in an airport), whereas IREX Edge Server is always deployed on-premises.
Which hardware do I need to deploy IREX on-premises?
Please send the completed sizing questionnaire to your IREX representative.
Do I need any operating system or virtualization software?
No, IREX is bundled with an open-source private cloud infrastructure and is deployed on bare-metal servers. IREX runs Ubuntu Linux, Kubernetes, Ceph, Cassandra, Ignite, and other open-source packages.
Can I run IREX on virtual machines?
Yes, you can run IREX under VmWare or similar virtualization software, with some 20-30% overheads. Consider deploying IREX on bare metal hardware to optimize the overheads.
Do I need to replace my cameras, NVRs and network?
No, IREX is designed to work with existing security camera systems. The cameras and the network infrastructure does not need to be replaced unless a major upgrade in video quality is required.
What type of cameras do I need?
IREX works with most IP-camera brands, for example, Axis, Bosch, Pelco, Dahua, Hikvision. As a rule of thumb, IREX requires roughly the same quality as humans need to detect events and to identify objects. Please contact our representative to discuss specific camera requirements for your application.
How much bandwidth do I need?
The bandwidth requirements typically vary from 1 Mbps to 10 Mbps per camera depending on type of video analytics used, camera resolution, codec efficacy. For example, if the average bitrate is 2 Mbps, the site with 20 cameras will need the uplink of ~50 Mbps to be connected directly to the IREX Secure Cloud.

The requirements may be reduced 10...100 times by deploying IREX Edge Server on site. The actual bandwidth reduction will depend on the event frequency, number of users, and their usage patterns.
What type of VPN connection shall I use to encrypt video data?
IREX recommends site-site IPSec to encrypt video from remote locations.
See also Does IREX encrypt video and other data
Can I deploy IREX in a closed (private) network?
Yes, IREX can be deployed in a closed network environment without any Internet connection. A secured VPN to the closed network is required for maintenance and 24/7 monitoring only.

Using IREX Service

How do users connect to IREX?
Users can work with IREX in multiple ways:
  • Open the web page of the IREX Secure Cloud (e.g. in a browser. Chrome is a recommended browser. IREX has an adaptive web layout to support multiple screens from mobile devices to desktops.
  • Use the IREX Progressive Web App (PWA) on different platforms. The PWA is recommended for frequent access.
  • Use standard messengers (e.g. Frisbee, Telegram) to receive PUSH-notifications in group chats.
  • Use the IREX Monitor App on WIndows or Linux for low-latency video playback on multiple displays.
The IREX Secure Cloud can also be deployed in a private (closed) network.
What is PWA?
IREX is using new technology called progressive web application (PWA). This type of application software is delivered through the web, built using common web technologies including HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It works on any platform that uses a standards-compliant browser, including both desktop and mobile devices.

For most users PWAs look like a native app, i.e. users can add the app to the home page, receive push notifications, and switch tasks.
What are the advantages of the IREX PWA compared to native apps?
  • The IREX PWA can be installed in a few seconds directly from the IREX Secure Cloud. Users don’t have to visit app stores and wait for download. This is particularly important for IREX deployments in private networks. Publishing the PWA to digital distribution systems like Apple App Store or Google Play is optional.
  • The IREX PWA is instantly updated. No need to wait for Apple App Store or Google Play to approve a new version.
  • The IREX PWA can be easily re-branded and use a client or provider logo. No need to publish and support re-branded apps in the distribution systems.
  • The IREX PWA supports a wide range of platforms including Android, iOS, iPadOS, Windows, MacOS, Linux, and ChromeOS, in a very cost-efficient manner.
How do I install the IREX PWA?
Open the IREX Secure Cloud web page (e.g. and install the PWA as explained below:

Safari on iOS
Click Share and then click Add to Home Screen (Watch Demo)

Chrome on Android
Click Additional Options (Three Dots) and then click Install App  (Watch Demo)

Chrome on Desktop (MacOS or Windows)
Click Install App, the button is right after the address bar (Watch Demo)

See the browser support matrix on Wikipedia

IREX AI-Powered Video Analytics

What AI modules does IREX have?
IREX has a wide range of AI modules that are categorized in three groups: Threat Detection, People Analytics, and Vehicle Analytics.
See the IREX specification for a complete list of AI modules
Can I run multiple AI modules on one camera or video stream?
Yes, multiple AI modules can process a video stream from a single source subject to certain common sense limitations. For example, License Plate Recognition is not compatible with Face Recognition because no camera can provide sufficient  details for both applications simultaneously.
Can I integrate a third-party AI module?
Yes, IREX has a REST API to integrate third-party analytics modules, sensors, and IoTs.
Can IREX develop a new AI module per my project requirement?
Yes, the IREX team can develop a custom AI module. The minimal size of the training dataset is 1,000 images. The optimal size is 10,000 images. The dataset can be collected by the IREX team or the IREX partner.
Are there case studies available for AI modules?
Please go to the web site and browse Case Studies.
Does IREX require any special cameras to run neural networks?
No, the IREX AI algorithms run in the IREX Secure Cloud. The video stream can be obtained from any standard camera.
Can I run IREX AI modules on smart cameras to minimize CPU and bandwidth consumption?
The answer is NO for most cases. IREX has a sophisticated video processing pipeline with multiple neural networks and different architectures. Most smart cameras will not have sufficient hardware resources in analyse busy scenes (crowds, intensive traffic). Also, it will be very difficult to guarantee the same recognition accuracy and response time on different edge platforms.
Can I use edge video analytics on my smart camera with IREX?
At present, IREX does not support video analytics embedded in cameras except for thermal camera analytics for fever and intrusion detection. In theory, it is possible to integrate third-party edge analytics using IREX API.
Do IREX AI modules run on CPUs or GPUs?
All IREX AI run on CPUs with the world’s best SIMD optimization. Some AI modules including Face Recognition can also run on GPUs.

IREX Threat Detection

How does IREX AI help to detect fire?
IREX Fire Detector recognizes visible fire and smoke in a video stream from conventional CCTV cameras. The IREX Fire Detector generates a real-time alert much earlier than traditional smoke detectors (e.g. photoelectric and ionization detectors) because cameras can spot fire at larger distances before smoke reaches the sensor. 
Can IREX Fire Detector replace a traditional fire alarm?
No, IREX Fire Detector is not certified to replace a traditional fire alarm. IREX Fire Detector can work as a secondary system to provide earlier detection, video verification, and backup to the primary system.
How does IREX AI help if the weapon has already been drawn?
The average mass shooting lasts 12.5 minutes, yet it takes law enforcement an average of 18 minutes to neutralize the threat. IREX AI provides real-time intelligence to first responders on where the shooter is, what he’s armed and equipped with, what he looks like, and how many shooters there are. This information allows law enforcement to much more rapidly locate and neutralize the threat, and for emergency medical personnel to render aid to the wounded. If there is a security officer on staff, IREX AI increases the probability for an intervention before shots are fired.

IREX People Analytics

How does IREX identify people and vehicles?
IREX identifies only pre-registered persons (i.e. missing people, criminals, suspects) and pre-registered vehicles (i.e. missing vehicles or without permission to drive). IREX does not identify or track every person or vehicle in public spaces.

IREX can connect existing government and commercial databases, for example, the resource by Captis Intelligence providing photos and text information about wanted criminals,  sex offenders, missing people, drug agents, and other people that may cause a safety threat.
What is the accuracy of IREX Face Recognition?
In March 2021, IREX was ranked #1 in accuracy among all the U.S. companies for the Border and Kiosk Datasets in the most recent Face Recognition Vendor Tests (FRVT) 1:N Identification conducted by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Border and Kiosk Photos are the most relevant datasets to identify missing people and suspects in non-cooperative mode from arbitrary city cameras. These datasets are less constrained in terms of viewing angle, lighting, and resolution when compared to the other FRVT datasets.

Read our Press-Release

What is the difference between IREX Face Recognition and alternative face recognition engines?
  • IREX Face Recognition module is optimized for public space video surveillance to process large volumes of faces in crowds.
  • IREX module is trained on datasets from real-world CCTV cameras to enable non-cooperative mode from arbitrary city cameras. This confirmed by excellent its NIST tests results on Border and Kiosk datasets.
  • IREX enables additional features such as big data Searchveillance™, multiple camera tracking, appearance search, and more.
Can IREX be used for biometric access control?
Yes, IREX integrates with access control systems to open turnstiles, doors, and vehicle barriers. Please ask an IREX representative about integrations with specific access control systems.
Can IREX identify people in masks?
Yes, IREX can identify people in masks and with partial face occlusions, however the identification accuracy will be lower by a few percent. IREX cannot be reliably used in biometric access control systems when people are constantly wearing masks.

IREX Vehicle Analytics

Does IREX recognize license plates in my country or state?
IREX reads plates of 30+ countries (UK, Europe, USA) using preloaded templates (including single-line / double-line / normal / inverted plates). IREX can also read unknown templates of other countries using a universal reader. Additional templates can be added upon request.
Does IREX require different cameras for traffic violation detection and license plate reading?
No, IREX use one camera to recognize traffic violations (e.g. illegal parking), license plates, and car features (vehicle type and color).


Does IREX have an API?
Yes, IREX has a documented REST API that is used by all IREX clients. So, all the capabilities you see in the IREX clients are available via the platform API.
Where can I get the IREX API Specification?
Please request the API specification from our Global Representative.
IREX does not publish the API online for security reasons.
How does IREX export and visualize big data?
IREX supports Google BigQuery. IREX partners or end-users can use Google Data Studio to build custom dashboards and reports.
Can I integrate a third-party AI module?
Yes, IREX has a REST API to integrate third-party analytics modules, sensors, and IoTs.