IREX Solution for Government
IREX is designed to empower city governments by bringing all their existing infrastructure under a Real-Time Situational Awareness crime centers allowing Multi-Agency collaboration via Ethical AI and Big Data platform

IREX Reveals 2022 Plans on Leading Smart Gov AI Race

IREX Solutions for our State & Local Government
IREX #1 Ethical AI Platform automates different Federal facilities for any emergency. IREX uses the Searchvillance technology to automate systems across different Federal facilities with actionable intelligence.
Local Law Enforcement

IREX Big Data Platform extracts and unifies data from thousands of sensors, and creates Real-Time Situational Awareness. IREX 20+ AI Modules enhance Law Enforcement capabilities to investigate forensic data.
Border Security

IREX #1 Ethical AI platform uses legacy infrastructure for voice, video, and forensic data that helps you to streamline multiple security operations, including search and rescue, illegal crossings, ports of entry, and high-profile events.
Military Protection & Smart Bases

Deliver mission-critical intelligence and information advantage when and where it matters most. It is crucial to ensure the safety of people, platforms and critical systems in situations where an in-depth understanding of a continually evolving threat landscape can have a significant impact on mission success, even as conditions change in real time on the ground. It is here where information advantage becomes the most powerful tool in safeguarding national security and operators on the ground.
CJIS Ready

IREX Detect

Integrate legacy sensors and systems to create automated workflows and alerts enhanced with IREX’s big data platform to expedite verification and escalation of incidents.

IREX Verify

20+ AI Modules review alerts in real-time. View near-by camera feeds, data systems, and assets to expedite the proper response. Easily access pre-loaded emergency and evacuation plans.


Monitor and collaborate critical information across locations and departments with real-time access to cameras, aerial feeds, data systems, communications tools, and other critical data from IREX #1 Ethical AI Platform.

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IREX Mission to Find Missing Children & Find Victims of Human Trafficking
Partnerships with Missing Children organizations all over the United States
IREX offers clients pre-loaded lists with missing children to trigger alerts for if/when they ever appear under surveillance
Governments & Law Enforcement have a moral obligation to use IREX to help combat human trafficking
Partnerships with Missing Children organizations all over the United States
IREX Public Safety Case Study:
Highlighted Public-Private Partnership

3 000+ cameras in
connected to non-integrated NVRs

2-8 hours to export evidence video

No video analytics and
no search capabilities

12 man-hours (average) to review 24 hour footage from a 1 camera
(manual video review)

3 000+ cameras unified
under in a private cloud

40 sec to export video evidence video
AI-powered people and vehicle analytics
and global search

¼ man-hour (average) to review
24 hour footage from a 1 camera

Reduced response time thanks to real-time alarms and push notifications

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