Security, Fortune 500, and AI Experience
We are a global team of 100+, including 50+ Software Engineers and Data Scientists
  • Calvin Yadav
    Corporate Leadership
    Global Strategist, Public Safety Tech, ISR ($3.6B), AI-ML IoT (€350M), Critical Infrastructure, Electronic & Information Warfare
  • Nik Ptitsyn, PhD
    Product Development
    10+ computer vision startups in Security, Sports, and Healthcare
  • Daniel Eborall, MBA
    Business Development
    Global Business Network, Tech Advisory Boards, NCS4 Security Background
  • David K. Bain
    Ethics and Compliance
    International Committee for Information Technology Standards
  • John Walsh
    Corporate Strategy
    NATO Expert, Closed over $15B in Sales, Board Member of the American Red Cross & the American Association of People with Disabilities
  • Juan Felipe Gonzalez
    35+ years in VC industry in AI, SaaS, Privacy, Security
  • Dirk W. van der Vaart
    Federal Division
    10+ years Special Operations Officer in the Intelligence Community. US Gov Specialized Security in High Threat Environments. Lead Global Organizations
  • Jaime Ochoa
    School Safety Division
    School Safety, Local Government Affairs, Community Outreach
  • David Bejarano
    Law Enforcement Division
    25+ years, San Diego Chief, US Marshal, President of CCA, Chula Vista Chief
  • Kevon Cumberbatch
    Law Enforcement Deployment
    15+ years, Training Law Enforcement, Deployed Multiple Technologies, Multi-Agency Collaboration,
    Delaware PD
  • Craig Carter
    Law Enforcement Deployment
    28+ years Law Enforcement, President of the San Diego County Chiefs' and Sheriffs Association, Escondido Police Chief
  • Ron Jones
    Public Safety Division
    23 years Law Enforcement Commander, Critical Incident Response Team, Board Member with District Attorney, County Sheriffs and Chiefs of Police
  • Alex Peterson
    Business Development
    Masters Degree in Information Technologies, Quadrilingual, 8+ years Experience in AI Engineering
  • Sheilla Nankanja
    Africa Division
    Vast experience liaising between countries in Africa with successful B2G and G2G experience
  • Gerron Cooper
    Behavior Analyst
    Board Certified Behavior Analyst, Chicago School of Professional Psychology
  • Denis Koch
    Business Development
    Experienced Programmer & Business Analyst in Global Software Sales & Implementation
  • Manolo Guillen
    Government & Public Affairs
    20+ years Experience in Anti-Human Trafficking. Founded Programs for Survivors of Human Trafficking in U.S.& Mexico
  • Roberto Varela
    Business Development LATAM Division
    25+ years Experience Software Architect, Smart Cities Advisor, AI evangelist
  • Kamal Musah
    Partnership Development
    12+ years in IoT, Enterprise Development, Network Security, MEng

Everyone Deserves to Live in Safety

IREX allows cities to adapt to ever-changing threats, using Ethical AI technology to combat 21st-century problems such as pandemics, overcrowding, missing children, mass shootings, rising crime rates, and much more.

Our dedicated and talented team of engineers, technologists, and advisors is fully committed to ensuring the safety and security of your citizenry by deploying the world’s most advanced software to oversee governmental risk management.
Our Mission
IREX’s mission is to mold cities of the future: safe, comfortable, and sustainable.

To fulfill its mission, IREX empowers city governments, public safety organizations, transportation authorities, and service providers with an Ethical AI and Big Data platform.

IREX connects cameras and sensors to a secure private cloud, analyzing data in real-time and providing vital, proactive opportunities to prevent security and safety incidents.
Our Values
Social Responsibility
  • IREX brings academic rigour to help solve the complexities of city governance. Our services foster full transparency of law enforcement, which is essential for the promotion of trust between citizens and police
  • IREX collaborates with not-for-profit organizations to find missing children and adults
  • IREX works with schools to curb drug distribution

Ethics and Privacy First
  • IREX identifies only pre-registered persons (i.e. missing people, criminals, suspects) and pre-registered vehicles (i.e. missing vehicles or without permission to drive). IREX does NOT identify or track normal people or vehicles in public spaces.
  • IREX customers have 100% ownership and control of their data
  • IREX uses commercially reasonable efforts to deploy and uphold the best security practices and standards
  • IREX is GDPR and CCPA-compliant

Knowing Our Clients
  • IREX conducts background checks for all potential clients or projects to ensure fair usage of the IREX platform
  • IREX actively avoids business transactions and relationships with parties deemed high-risk vis-à-vis data collection and security
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IREX Technology Partners
IREX Clients have the ability to choose additional technology services provided by our partners who have passed the IREX technical certification tests, this includes analytical companies such as Visium to data center providers around the world to host the IREX Service.
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IREX hosting partners
IREX hosting partners
IREX hosting partners
IREX hosting partners
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