Critical Infrastructure
IREX protects your city's critical infrastructure by providing real-time alerts, video management, off-site storage, forensic searches, and virtual collaboration
AI Video Analytics
  • staff and non-staff members entering facilities
  • staff and non-staff vehicles entering facilities

  • vehicles stopped in restricted areas
  • intrusions in restricted areas
  • smoke and fire in tunnels (preemptive video-based detection)
Integration of Real-Time Alerts and Searchveillance™
Access Control Systems
Alarm Systems
Environmental Sensors
  • Power Stations
  • Transformer Stations
  • Water Reservoirs
  • Bridges
  • Water Dams and Oil Terminals
  • Traffic Control Rooms
  • Police Stations
  • Energy Authorities
  • Municipal/State Governments
  • Others
Reduced response times
Building an energy safety compliance
Reduced control room staffing requirements
IREX Secure Private Cloud ensures high availability and metropolis-level scalability of the IREX service

Remote sites facing bandwidth limitations can take advantage of IREX Edge Servers to provide local processing and video retention

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