Virtual Collaboration

IREX Enables Messenger-Based Collaboration for Response Teams
IREX allows instant access and analysis of people, vehicles, and other documentable events, all readily accessible from an intuitive interface via web browsers and apps

Search events by text, IDs, and photos

Filter events by type, tags, timestamps, locations, and much more

Review snapshots and play video

Get Real-Time Alerts in Group Chats
IREX creates chats for each Alarm Monitor and automatically adds group members

Additional parties may be added to group chats manually if desired

IREX forwards alert notifications to appropriate chats, along with relevant snapshots and video links

Group members can comment on alerts and upload additional media

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Evidence Media Sharing
Mobile users can upload video evidence to the IREX Secure Cloud; this video is automatically shared with the user group

IREX processes uploaded videos with its AI modules, making it searchable and actionable

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IREX Enterprise Messenger features workspaces, group chats, media sharing, voice calls, and video calls
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