Cloud Video Management

IREX is a Turn-Key Solution for Your City
IREX provides real-time and historical data, alerts, collaboration, key metrics to authorized organizations in the city and beyond.
Introduce Evidence-based Safety & Security
IREX brings academic rigour to city governance as well as full transparency of law enforcement. This is essential to build trust between citizens and police.
Organize 1,000s of cameras and IoTs
IREX places IoTs on private or public maps, floor plans; assigns tags and custom geographic divisions.
All data is dynamically aggregated depending on the maps zoom, tags, and filters.
Manage permissions across multiple organizations
IREX provides enterprise-grade management tools including user hierarchies, groups and roles.
Reduce operational costs by sharing the infrastructure across many users and applications
IREX supports multi-tenant deployments for smaller cities, towns, and villages.
Bring AI and Big Data to all existing cameras and IoTs in your city
IREX integrates existing cameras and devices; no edge device needs to be replaced.
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Enable messenger-based collaboration for response teams and stakeholders
The IREX messenger runs on any device allowing for encrypted communication in real-time, alarm notifications, evidence sharing, and response tracking
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