IREX AI to Find Missing Children
IREX AI-powered Solution to help you find missing children in real time.
We detect and track route of missing person using existing cameras.
Every child deserves a safe childhood
According to statistics, there were over 337,000 missing children in 2021 in the United States of America were reported by NCIC* Missing Person and Unidentified Person Statistics.
*When a child is reported missing to law enforcement, federal law requires that child be entered into the FBI's National Crime Information Center, also known as NCIC.
How it Works
* using IREX Ethical Face Recognition Technology
IREX Mission to Find Missing Children & Find Victims of Human Trafficking
Partnerships with Missing Children organizations all over the United States
IREX offers clients pre-loaded lists with missing children to trigger alerts for if/when they ever appear under surveillance
Governments & Law Enforcement have a moral obligation to use IREX to help combat human trafficking
Partnerships with Missing Children organizations all over the United States
Three Critical Contributing Factors
Three critical contributing factors that will determine the outcome of the situation:
Searchveillance™ is the IREX' patented technology to find people, vehicles, and events in Big Data from surveillance cameras and other city IoTs
IREX pre-processes video data in real-time while it is being uploaded to the cloud and fulfills search queries in less than a second
IREX uses distributed databases to ensure the response time does not depend on the number of concurrent users and the data size
The IREX interface enables to search through different events, using meta-data from various AI modules.
The IREX team has spent years making the product interface simple, fast, and esthetic
IREX outputs search results based on effective user permissions, roles, and security policies
Our comprehensive service includes:
  • 24/7 public safety monitoring
  • AI-powered threat detection video analytics
  • 25-second video verifications by experience operators
  • Professional response & police coordination
  • 365-day video retention for all incidents
  • Network operation control (NOC)
Professional Response
  • Communication with Staff, Victims, Criminals, Police, and Emergency Services
  • Police and Security Guard Coordination
  • Customer Support (e.g. on Unattended Gas/EV Charging Stations)
  • Incident Documenting and Logging
We Protect 24/7
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