IREX Security policy

Trust Doesn't Just Happen - It's Earned
At IREX, we take care to protect the privacy of our customers' data and privileged information

Here you'll find up to date information on how we safeguard your information, where our products are designed and manufactured, and how our system is performing in real time.

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We Work Hard to Protect Your Privacy
To safeguard the privacy of our customers, we have put in place comprehensive governance that applies to all IREX employees and partners. We operate on the basis of three privacy modes with our customers.

IREX staff are permitted to view system details and use customers' cameras in product demonstrations. Customers must opt-in to Open mode.

No third parties can access or view video. Authorized IREX staff are permitted to access and view system information only for the purpose of troubleshooting and software development.

Streamline Operations
No one at IREX and no third parties can access the video. Authorized IREX technical staff are permitted to access and view system details only with prior written or verbal consent from the customer, exclusively for purpose of troubleshooting.

At IREX, we strive to promote transparency in the market. We believe that both businesses and individuals have the right to know certain details about the products they buy. We believe that the first step to promoting greater transparency is to share information about where our products are made, how they're designed, and who designs them.

Corporation: IrexAI Inc. is a Delaware corporation with a reg. office at 901 N Pitt Street, Suite 170, Alexandria, VA, 22314, USA
Hosted Services: Google Cloud or our own private cloud
Server Hardware: Trusted partners such as Intel and HP in USA
Camera Hardware: Multi-vendor cameras chosen by our clients

IREX is based in Santa Clara, California. Our teams have full control over the software development lifecycle, and no component or service is written or introduced without thoroughly vetting it for performance, reliability and security. No third-party software is used, except for open source software. All AI modules are trained in-house.

Service Hosting
All of the hosted services run on servers based in the USA. If you require another cloud-hosting provider, or require non-U.S. data center support, please speak with a IREX sales team member. An IREX instance can run within a private network without public access.

Information Security
IREX uses commercially reasonable efforts to deploy and uphold the following security best practices and standards:

IREX runs a comprehensive access control system that enables hierarchical access right management for cameras, devices, people and vehicle databases. All access rights are automatically extended to events and video metadata.
The IREX public instance is hosted on a secured cloud platform, protected with a firewall, intrusion detection system, intrusion prevention system. IREX can also run on-premises in a customer private cluster.
IREX obtains the signal directly from cameras, eliminating outdated equipment, such as NVRs and DVRs.
IREX regularly conducts penetration tests in accordance with OWASP Testing Guide, The Web Application Security Consortium Threat Classification, Mobile Security Testing Guide (MSTG), OSSTMM2 and NIST 800-115 to prevent all kinds of vulnerabilities.
IREX is GDPR and CCPA-compliant.