AI Video Analytics

IREX computer vision modules are optimized for different applications in Smart Cities. Trained against millions of images obtained in the CCTV networks, our neural networks deliver production-level accuracy in the real-world environment.

Open API
IREX connects third-party AI modules, IoT, access control, and other security sensors (e.g. metal detectors).
Threat Detection
Weapon Detection
Detects handguns, machine guns, and knives in public spaces
People Falling or Laying
Detects heart attacks, elderly falling and vagrancy
Crowd Density
Counts people in publics spaces (stations, squares, streets etc)
Intrusion Detection
Detects people and vehicles in security areas (tripwire/secured zone alerts)
Railway Safety
Detects individuals that fall from metro platforms, attempt to retrieve items from rails, and/or trespass in no-go zones.
Early Fire Detection
Detects smoke in the video stream (recommended for indoor use)
Unattended Items
Detects unattended items in public spaces (bags, boxes, etc) with a variable time threshold
Audio Analytics
Loud sound
Glass breaking
People Analytics
Facial Recognition Databases
IREX provides pre- and post-incident intelligence to identify criminals and other subjects. IREX connects open data sources and leading intelligence providers to keep photo databases updated in your Secure Private Cloud:

  • Wanted Suspects
  • Criminals
  • Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs)
  • Missing Persons
  • Sex Offenders
  • Terrorists
  • Sanctioned People
Algorithm Overview
IREX provides scalable software infrastrastructure to

  • Detect faces at any angle (en face, in profile, top/bottom views)
  • Build a robust descriptor from multiple images as the person moves
  • Recognize faces in masks or with partial occlusion
  • Record the best shot of the person by analysing the angle of view, lighting, and motion blur
  • Monitor missing/wanted/staff lists
  • Search people by photo, person name, passport number, etc
  • Detect appearance features (gender, age, headdress, glasses, beards, mustaches, masks, skin color) for searching and traffic statistics
  • Detect spoofing for access control systems
NIST Face Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT) Ranking
IREX was ranked #1 in accuracy among all the U.S. companies in Face Recognition Vendor Tests (FRVT) for the Border and Kiosk Datasets conducted by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Border and Kiosk Photos are the most relevant datasets to identify missing people and suspects in non-cooperative mode from arbitrary city cameras. These datasets are less constrained in terms of viewing angle, lighting, and resolution when compared to the other FRVT datasets.

FRVT 1:N Identification Results [last updated: March 04, 2021]
Investigation Mode
Rank One Miss Rate,
FNIR(N, 0, 1)
Identification Mode
HIGH T → FPIR = 0.001, FNIR(N, T, L)
irex_000 (US)
paravision_007 (US)
microsoft_5 (US)
trueface_000 (US)
irex_000 (US)
trueface_000 (US)
microsoft_5 (US)
paravision_007 (US)
At left, rank 1 miss rates relevant to investigations; at right, with threshold set to target FPIR = 0.01 for higher volume, low prior, uses. Yellow indicates the most accurate algorithm. Smaller is better.
Foot Traffic Analytics
  • Count people against a tripwire in both directions
  • Count people for queue management
  • Estimate demographics (gender, age, skin color)
  • Export to Google Data Studio
Ethical Face Recognition
IREX has developed a set of tools and practices to ensure fair usage of its face recognition technology:

  • IREX is designed exclusively to search for pre-specified persons such as missing people, suspects, and opted-in staff members. It cannot be used to identify random people in public spaces
  • IREX has refined its permission management system to ensure that only authorized staff can access the face recognition data. This data is exclusively owned by the IREX client and is not shared with third parties.
  • IREX has implemented comprehensive logging to record user requests, including logins, photo uploads, search queries, people database, etc.
Privacy Protection
  • IREX customers have 100% ownership and control of their data
  • IREX uses commercially reasonable efforts to deploy and uphold the best security practices and standards
  • IREX is GDPR and CCPA-compliant
Vehicle Analytics
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