Airports and Ports
IREX is deployed in major airports, providing real-time alerts, video management, forensic searches, and virtual collaboration
  • Crime Prevention and Investigations

    Identify and track suspects, persons of interest, and criminals

    Search people by appearance and accessories


    • weapons (firearms and bladed weapons)
    • restricted area entry (i.e. perimeter intrusions/violations)
    • camera sabotage and other vandalism

  • Counter-Terrorism and Mass Shootings

    Identify and track suspects, persons of interest, and criminals


    • weapons (firearms and bladed weapons)
    • unattended and suspicious items

  • Pandemic Policy Enforcement

    Identify and track:

    • targets with elevated body temperature
    • quarantined targets

    • people failing to adhere to public health measures/guidelines (masks, social distancing, etc.)
    • dangerous crowd density

  • Airport Lobbies
  • Check-in counters
  • Gates
  • Waiting Areas
  • Baggage Reclaim
  • Operation Infrastructure
  • Airport Security Offices
  • Operation Control Rooms
  • Police Stations
  • Transportation Authorities
  • Municipal/State Governments
  • Others
Reduced response times
Increased customer experience and safety
Increased KPIs in crime prevention and investigations
Transport safety compliance
Reduced control room staffing requirements
Field-Proven Video Analytics for Public Transport
IREX Secure Private Cloud is deployed on airport premises to ensure high availability and multi-terminal scalability

Approximately 1,000 cameras / Approximately 100 users per terminal

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