Real-Time Alerts

Get notified about weapons, vandalism, unattended items, safety violations, and crowd-related dangers from CCTV cameras.
Virtual Control Room
Create a cooperative work environment by promoting collaboration between monitoring agents, city departments, first responders, security services, and other relevant parties 

Such collaboration can take place in the field, from the office, or remotely from home
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AI-Powered Threat Detection
Reduce response times by leveraging computer vision AI on city-run CCTV cameras

Receive notifications concerning public safety threats (such as fires or road accidents) long before traditional emergency calls are received

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Alarm Monitors for User Groups
Manage high volume event streams

Filter events by type, tags, locations and other criteria

Turn monitors ON and OFF (arm/disarm)

Process alerts from multiple monitors

Send as push-notifications to mobile devices
Open Event API
Forward alerts to external systems via an API

Build custom dashboard and reports in Google Studio
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