IREX is The World’s Leading Ethical AI
For every IREX engagement, the highest priority is optimizing safety and life-enhancing technology within the privacy & ethical norms of free societies.
IREX Solution for Ethical AI
  • Full Transparency
    IREX records a detailed log about adding persons to databases, running a search query by photo and all other actionable items. The log is fully searchable and auditable, protecting both Law Enforcement & society. IREX’s mission is to create transparent policing and ultimately build trust between Law Enforcement & society.
  • Cybersecurity & Privacy Protection
    IREX has developed the world's most secure platform for Smart Cities and upholds the best practices on a daily basis. Learn more.
  • Narrow Constraints For Law Enforcement
    IREX detects pre-identified persons only to prevent a terror attack, find missing children or tackle other public safety threats. IREX restricts the number of persons that can be added to the database for real-time biometric identification. No recognition or tracking of random people. Learn more.
  • Permission-driven User Interface
    Platform features, people databases, people match alerts and search results can only be seen by authorized staff only. IREX users do not see data unless added to user groups with sufficient permissions.
  • Bias Awareness
    All the existing face recognition algorithms (as well as a human brain) show different accuracy rates for different demographic groups of gender, age, and skin color. The bias is difficult to avoid due to natural variations in training datasets. IREX data scientists and AI engineers work continuously to reduce bias. At the same time, IREX participates in the NIST Face Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT)  to provide an independent evaluation of the demographic effects.
  • Ethics Best Practices and Checklists
    IREX works the world's leading experts to develop user guidelines, audit processes, and checklists to manage what data are created, how and by whom data are accessed, stored and shared.