How Searchveillance™ Helps Cities to Be Safer and More Efficient?

Demos Architecture
Searchveillance™ is the IREX' patented technology to find people, vehicles, and events in Big Data from surveillance cameras and other city IoTs. Searchveillance™ saves man-days of labor-intensive video analysis during law enforcement operations and investigations.

The Searchveillance™ technology has five distinctive features:
  1. Ultra-Fast: IREX pre-processes video data in real-time while it is being uploaded to the cloud and fulfills search queries in less than a second. Users can adjust search parameters (e.g. time and location filters) and view results instantly. This is particularly important in critical situations when timely decision-making is the key.
  2. Scalable: IREX uses distributed databases to ensure the response time does not depend on the number of concurrent users and the data size, i.e. the number of cameras and retention period.
  3. Universal: The IREX interface enables to search through different events, using meta-data from various AI modules developed by IREX and third parties, IoT sensors, and integrated systems such as physical access control or fire alarm. Searchveillance™ works on any device, including laptops, tablets, and phones.
  4. Simple: IREX has established a new standard in user experience among all the smart city platforms. The IREX team has spent years making the product interface simple, fast, and esthetic. 
  5. Secure:  IREX outputs search results based on effective user permissions, roles, and security policies. IREX has developed an advanced permission management system for cameras, floor plans, people and vehicle lists, and other data entities. All search queries and results are encrypted. 

Under the Hood
IREX runs proven cloud technologies such as Apache Cassandra and Apache Ignite for Big Data with in-memory speed. IREX has one of the world's best face-matching technology minimizing consumption of CPU and memory resources both for real-time monitoring and investigation applications.

Examples of Searchveillance™ Queries and Filters
  • Search people by photo, person name, passport number, or appearance features (gender, age, headdress, glasses, beards, mustaches, masks, skin color)
  • Search vehicles by license plate number, type, make, model, and color
  • Search events such as intrusions, unattended items, crowding, smoke, and camera sabotage
  • Search people or vehicle using visual tools e.g. virtual tripwire or region of interest
  • Filter results by map region, building name, floor, camera tags, and time period

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