IREX Smart City Platform v4 Specification

IREX Core features

Mapping and camera management
  • Assign names and tags to cameras;
  • Place cameras on a scalable map (OpenStreetMap) and building floor plans;
  • Scale the map with smart clustering of cameras and other devices;
  • Search cameras by name, tags, video analytics, resolution and status;
  • Use OpenStreetMap in a closed network (for on-prem deployments).
Smart video player
  • Play low-latency live and recorded video/audio at a variable speed
  • Share media with a deep link from a given camera and timestamp
  • Rewind fast with client-side media caching
  • Review events on the scalable timeline with key snapshots
  • Use a digital video zoom
  • Export and share video to the IREX cloud storage
  • Export video to MP4 file
  • Export frames to JPEG files
  • View AI overlay annotation
  • Search objects in video using visuals tools (tripwire, region of interest)
  • Control PTZ cameras using mouse or touchscreen (ONVIF Profile S required)
  • No browser plug-in required (HTML5)
  • Switch to other cameras nearby*
  • Adaptive interface to any screen size*
Real-time alert monitors
  • Create multiple monitors (=event presets or filters)
  • Create multiple people and vehicle lists to receive alerts
  • Arm and disarm monitors
  • Receive monitor alerts in web browsers and mobile apps
  • Receive monitor alerts in messenger chats
  • View alert screenshots and play video
  • Review alert details (people/vehicle ID, tags, location etc)
global event search
  • Find instantly people, vehicles, event instantly across thousands of cameras
  • Filter events by type, camera tags, event tags, location, data and time etc
  • Manage lists of people and vehicle for automatic event tagging
Multi-organizational collaboration
  • Provide role-based media access for users in multiple organizations
  • Support users on different platforms (Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, iOS*)
  • Integrate enterprise messenger to push alerts and track response
  • Share cameras
  • Share people/vehicle lists
  • Share alert monitors and events
  • Use open IREX API to connect third-party applications
  • Import/export data

IREX Service Provider Platform

Service provider features
  • Multi-tenant hosting
  • 24/7 service monitoring
  • Rolling updates
  • Billing integration
High availability and scalability architecture
  • Kubernetes orchestration
  • Ceph storage
  • Cassandra and Apache Ignite databases
Main instance
deployment options
  • IREX Secure Cloud / SaaS
  • Client Secure Cloud (on-prem hosting on bare-metal hardware)
  • Google Cloud
Camera video storage
deployment options
  • Secure Cloud
  • Edge Recording (on-prem)*
Camera AI
deployment options
  • Secure Cloud
  • Edge Recording (on-prem)*

IREX Cybersecurity and Compliance

Active protection
  • Multilayer Web Application Firewall (WAF) with Proactive Defense
  • Intrusion Detection System (IDS)
  • Internet Protection System (IPS)
  • Network Filter
HTTPS / TLS 1.3 + VPN encryption for RTSP and maintenance
User permissions
  • Hierarchical user groups
  • User roles: Viewer, Member, Operator, Group Manager, Admin
  • Resource groups: cameras, IoT devices, buildings, people lists, vehicle lists
Key management
  • JSON Web Tokens (JWT) with asymmetric signatures
  • Dynamic keys for all services
  • Automatic key refreshment
Penetration tests
Regular tests for each major release in accordance with OWASP Testing Guide, The Web Application Security Consortium Threat Classification, Mobile Security Testing Guide (MSTG), OSSTMM2 and NIST 800-115
Infrastructure software
100% open source (Ubuntu Linux, Kubernetes, etc)
Service hosting
USA, UK, or any data-center hosting per client choice
Server and networking hardware
Intel, HP, Cisco, and other brands per client choice
Camera hardware
Axis, Bosch, Geovision, and other brand per client choice
Source code
100% of the source code available for authority audit
(all IREX software is developed in-house or is open source)

IREX Threat Detection AI

Weapon Detection
Detects handguns, machine guns, and knifes in public spaces
People Falling or Laying
Detect heart attacks, eldely falling and homeless lodging
Crowd Density
Counts people in publics spaces (stations, squares, streets etc)
Intrusion Detection
Detects people and vehicle in security areas (tripwire/secured zone alerts)
Railway Safety
Detects people on railways, tunnels while ignoring trains and passenger boarding
Early Fire Detection
Detects smoke in the video stream (recommended for indoor use)
Unattended Items
Detects unattended item in public spaces (bags, boxes, etc) with a variable time threshold
Audio Analytics
  • Loud sound
  • Gunshot
  • Glass breaking
  • Scream

IREX People AI

Face Recognition
  • Detects faces at any angle (en face, in profile, top/bottom views);
  • Builds a robust descriptor from multiple images as the person moves;
  • Finds the best angle of view to display the person;
  • Monitors missing/wanted/staff lists;
  • Searches people by photo, person name, passport number, etc.;
  • Detects appearance features (gender, age, headdress, glasses, beard, mustaches, mask, skin color) for searching and traffic statistics
  • Detects spoofing for access control systems
Foot Traffic
  • Count people against a tripwire in both directions
  • Count people for queue management
  • Estimate demographics (gender, age, skin color)

IREX Vehicle AI

Traffic Management
  • Detect road congestion
  • Detect accidents
  • Detect hard shoulder stopping
  • Measures the average speed
  • Measures the approximate speed on video
  • Measures the precision speed by radar integration
Number Plate Recognition (NPR/LPR)
  • Reads plates of 30+ countries using preloaded templates (including single-line / double-line / normal / inverted plates)
  • Reads plates of other countries using a universal reader
  • Searches by vehicle number, owner name and other data
Vehicle Appearance
  • Classifies passenger cars, vans, trucks, buses, bikes, construction vehicles
  • Detects vehicle color
  • Detects vehicle make and model (under development)
  • Searches by vehicle appearance
Driving Violations
  • Detects stopping and parking violations with a variable time threshold
  • Detects double line crossing violations
  • Detects lane violations
  • Reads number plates of violating cars
Parking Management
Detects vacant spaces

IREX Video Quality AI

Video Stream Quality
  • Signal loss
  • Frame rate too low
  • Camera shifted
  • Scene too dark
  • Scene too bright
  • Scene too blurry

IREX Media Input

Camera streaming protocols
Media containers
(for file uploads)
Media compression algorithms
H.264 / G.711.ulaw
H.265 / AAC*
Video resolution
Up to 4K / 8MP / 3840 x 2160
Media bitrates
Up to 10 Mbps
PTZ camera control
ONVIF Profile S