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IREX partners with Zero Trafficking to combat Human Trafficking & help recover victims

Alexandria, Virginia – January 11, 2022: IREX has officially partnered with innovative data company Zero Trafficking, the US-based organization which fights human trafficking networks with digital intelligence and proactive detection/ tracking of sophisticated criminal organizations who exploit victims for profit. 

Zero Trafficking in combination with IREX’s ability to trigger alerts if a specific individual or vehicle appears under surveillance is a revolutionary combination for Law Enforcement and society as a whole in the fight against human trafficking. The collaboration of AI and big data between IREX and Zero Trafficking offers the full turn-key solution to zero in on the criminals and recover victims.

IREX Global Director, Daniel Eborall hailed the partnership: “The combination of Zero Trafficking’s data and intelligence in conjunction with our ability to detect victims and criminals in real-time from surveillance cameras is something extraordinary. It’s time for the United States to take action against the world’s worst business - human trafficking, which is fast approaching a quarter of a trillion-dollar business – we now have the tools available.” 

To find out more about Zero Trafficking, its founders Noel Thomas and Samuel Curet, see here: