24-hour Remote Video Monitoring
Using our cloud-based Ethical AI platform and industry standard control room, we provide remote video monitoring of live feeds from our clients' sites at our industry standard control room.
Our comprehensive service includes:
24/7 public safety monitoring
AI-powered threat detection video analytics
25-second video verifications by experience operators
Professional response & police coordination
365-day video retention for all incidents
Network operation control (NOC)
How it Works
AI-Powered Threat Detection
We detect the following incidents with 99% probability within the first 25 seconds.
Perimeter Intrusions
Active Shooters
Fire and Smoke
Missing Children*
Wanted Criminals*
Known Sex Offenders*
Unauthorized Vehicles
Parking Violations
Traffic Congestion
* using IREX Ethical Face Recognition Technology
Our Control Room
Certified control rooms for video surveillance, fire, and access control
Experienced operators trained in Health, Safety, and Customer Support
Response protocols and checklists for each incident type
Redundant power supply and broadband
Secured buildings
NOC workspaces
Camera failures and attack
Network, hardware and software failures
Resource consumption
Cyber threats
Professional Response
Communication with Staff, Victims, Criminals, Police, and Emergency Services
Police and Security Guard Coordination
Customer Support (e.g. on Unattended Gas/EV Charging Stations)
Incident Documenting and Logging
We Protect 24/7
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