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IREX Open API to Build a Digital Ecosystem of Your Smart City

Corporate Demo
IREX has developed an open and secure API to build sustainable IT infrastructure for Smart Cities integrating hardware and software solutions from multiple vendors.

Key Features

  • Easy to use: IREX uses Swagger together with a set of open-source software tools to design, build, document, and use RESTful web services. Swagger includes automated documentation, code generation, and test-case generation. See the 30-second demo above.
  • Comprehensive: All features you see in the IREX interface are available from the IREX Open API. In fact, the same API is used by all IREX clients (e.g. web, mobile, and desktop apps). See the IREX Platform Datasheet for the complete feature set.
  • Cross-platform: IREX Open API is a RESTful API using JSON technology. IREX Open API can be used in Linux, Windows, and Web environments.
  • Secure: We use the best industry practices and conduct regular penetration tests/audits by a professional lab. IREX uses HTTPS / TLS 1.3 to encrypt all traffic between the IREX Secure Cloud and its API clients. VPNs can be used to provide an additional layer of encryption. IREX API uses JSON Web Tokens (JWT) with asymmetric signatures. The signature keys are randomly generated and updated on regular basis. So neither software developers nor system installers can use re-use API keys to bypass full user authentication.

Integration Examples

  • Media Import: IREX imports video footage from mobile devices, bodycams, legacy NVRs to enable Searchveillance™️ and real-time collaboration with thrid-party media.  
  • Event Webhooks: IREX exports alerts and other events to third-party systems such as Instant Messenger, Central Station Automation, Digital Signage, and PSIM.  Each event contains an event topic, timestamp, location, a snapshot, video link, and other metadata. Webhooks are fully customizable in the IREX UX and require no coding to complete system integration.
  • Big Data Export: IREX exports designated events to data analytics platforms such as Google Data Studio or Graphana for statistical analysis, dashboards, reports, and long-term retention.
  • Event Import: IREX imports events from third-party systems such as Access Control, Fire Alarm, and Emergency Button. Each external sensor is associated with a camera to provide context video. External events can be re-transmitted to IREX Alarm Monitors, instant messengers, and also searchable from the Searchveillance™️ interface.
  • Database Import: IREX imports databases of missing people, suspects, bad actors, and registered vehicles from third-party systems, for example, private providers such as Captis Intelligence and public sector databases. Learn more about IREX Ethical AI, Privacy Policy, and Data Protection
  • Camera and Sensor Integration: IREX has native integration with ONVIF-compliant PTZ cameras, thermal cameras, speed radars, certain access control and automation systems (e.g. Sigur), and sensors/controllers (e.g. NetPing).
If you need the IREX API documentation or wish to integrate a hardware or software product with the IREX Smart City Platform, please submit the contact form below.