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IREX Launches Human Verification

Murrieta, California - September 20, 2020: IREX is pleased to announce a human verification offering in addition to our world-leading ethical AI. The combination of our cloud-based Ethical AI platform alongside an industry standard control room enables IREX clients to have the option of remote video monitoring of their campuses, facilities, cities and more.

The additional comprehensive service includes:

  • 24/7 public safety monitoring
  • 25 second video verification response time by experienced operators 
  • 365-day video retention for all incidents
  • Network operation control (NOC)
  • Law Enforcement/ Police coordination

The service is built upon IREX AI-powered video analytics. IREX’s ability to detect incidents while boasting a 99.67% probability within the first 25 seconds with human verification is a ground-breaking step for response times to emergencies. Below is a demonstration of how the service operates.
Universities and stadiums have been early adopters of the service to help detect non-compliant sex offenders from entering their premises, read more about it here. A sample of the IREX suite of analytics available now are below, with IREX developing new AI modules quarterly:

  • Perimeter Intrusion
  • Active Shooter
  • Fire and Smoke Detection
  • Missing Children Alerts
  • Suspect Recognition
  • Non-Compliant Sex Offender Alerts
  • Unauthorized Vehicles
  • Parking Violations and more.

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