The Role of AI Video Analytics in Traffic Management

With more and more vehicles on the roads, AI Traffic Management is the fast emerging field that uses Smart Road Technology to optimize traffic flow and manage road conditions. This technology creates a more sustainable environment within all traffic routes and networks. Fast response time is of great value, and often a couple of minutes can make the difference. Video analytics drastically reduce the cost of video monitoring and human resources in terms of detection and rapid response, as well as unload communication channels and archiving systems by filtering unnecessary data and focusing on what really needs attention.

How does it work?

Systems equipped with revolutionary high-tech and cloud technologies collect and send data that can be analyzed in near-real time and used to reduce traffic congestion, busy intersections and other places of high density traffic. They can detect a particular danger spot where a roundabout, pedestrian crossing or a traffic light is needed.

There are many types of devices that enable Smart Road Technology, such as IoT sensors, cameras, radars, 5G-equipped technologies, speed and acoustic sensors, IP CCTV cameras, smart traffic lights, weather monitoring systems, to name a few, that collect and analyze data in near-real time and create events for problems and violations. These events are sent to alarm monitors, which, in turn, generate alerts that are instantly sent to web browsers, mobile apps or messenger chats where they can be dealt with.

Advantages of the IREX platform

At IREX, our top-notch engineers not only follow the latest trends in the field, but also create and develop them. So, today our Smart City systems based on video analytics offer a range of solutions that solve urban and nationwide problems.

IREX is deployed across highways, roads, junctions and parking facilities, providing real-time alerts, video management, off-site storage, forensic searches and virtual collaboration by means of shared access to AI analytical systems to multiple departments. Shared cameras and vehicle lists are also available, as well as shared alert monitors and events. Users can see alert screenshots, play event videos and view details, such as vehicle/driver ID tags and locations.

Features of the IREX Traffic Management System

The IREX Traffic Management system includes road congestion detection, accident detection, hard shoulder stopping, vehicle tracking and route building, local positioning, tracking and movement of vehicles on highways, roads and city streets on a map interface. It also measures the approximate speed on the video and the exact speed using the integrated radar, recognizes number plates of over 30 countries using preloaded templates and plates of other countries using a universal reader. It can search by vehicle number, owner name and other data.

The system also detects vehicle color, make and model, runs a search by vehicle appearance, detects driving and parking violations, smoke and fire in tunnels, emergency exit obstructions, vehicles placed on monitoring lists and any other relevant information.

IREX supports different platforms, including Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android and iOS. It also has an integrating option for messengers to push alerts and track response. The Open IREX API can be used to connect third-party applications, and data can be imported and exported.