How Does IREX Protect the Investments in City Infrastructure?


Cities around the world have invested trillions of dollars in building video surveillance networks. Millions of cameras have been deployed to monitor public transport, highways, parks and other city infrastructure.

IREX helps cities to protect these investments by transforming all the existing cameras into AI-powered agents for real-time threat detection.

How does it work?

  • IREX connects to the city, government or organization’s existing cameras over a secure VPN.
  • IREX machine learning algorithms have been trained on real-world CCTV footage to tackle video quality issues and suboptimal angles of view.
  • IREX can co-exist with existing network video records (NVRs) and video management systems (VMS's) minimizing any disruption in the traditional operations of city services.
  • IREX can be hosted with trusted cloud services providers including FedRAMP providers.

Governments, cities, and other end-users don't get locked in by IREX

IREX’s flexible SaaS model allows cities to scale to an unlimited number of devices connected to IREX while at the same time, the end-user can disconnect IREX to devices if they wish to do so.

Learn more about IREX Video Analytics Modules and camera requirements.