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IREX are now equipped with datasets of over 4,500 missing children

Alexandria, Virginia – March 30, 2023:, a company specializing in ethical AI, has recently announced that it has a database of over 4,500 photos and datasets of missing children. world-renowned video analytics technology is designed to help find missing children by providing pre- and post-incident intelligence to help identify, track and provide rescues.

IREX's Secure Private Cloud connects to existing cameras and IoT sensors across cities or states, providing the users full control of data and sovereignty, and is compatible with standard servers and cameras. The company's technology is government-grade secure, ensuring that the data is protected at all times.

By connecting open data sources and leading intelligence providers, keeps the missing children photo databases updated in the Secure Private Cloud. The database collaboration with IREX is a testament to the partnership with the Anti Human-Trafficking Intelligence Initiative.'s video analytics technology is a powerful tool that can help find missing children. With the company's database of over 4,500 photos and datasets of missing children, the technology can quickly identify and provide valuable information to law enforcement agencies.

Overall,'s video analytics technology is a game-changer in the search for missing children. With its powerful AI capabilities and extensive database, the technology has the potential to make a significant impact in the fight against child abduction and trafficking.

See here a further example of how the technology works: