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IREX unveils how it’s AI is a driving force in the fight against Human Trafficking

Providing real-time alerts if a victim appears under surveillance through the IREX video-based cloud platform
Alexandria, Virginia – January 6, 2022: IREX today showcased its revolutionary tool in the fight against Human Trafficking and outlined its commitment to assist Law Enforcement, Non-For-Profits, Governments and more through the IREX Platform. It’s time to harness the technology available and bring AI for good.
With IREX’s ability to connect to any existing surveillance camera and set up real-time alerts for if a victim ever appears under surveillance – the company believes it has a moral obligation to help the fight against human trafficking.
IREX Global Director, Daniel Eborall, echoed the company’s moral obligation: “At IREX, we’ve been building towards this for over 18 months and I’m delighted to unveil exactly how our platform is used to help recover Human Trafficking victims. With the technology now available and easily deployed, I call upon Law Enforcements and Governments to utilise the tools at their disposal.”

How does it work?

  • IREX connects to surveillance cameras remotely by taking in the steam
  • IREX has a pre-loaded database of missing children and human trafficking victims & suspected abductors for all end-users
  • If a person is detected, IREX will trigger a real-time alert to a specific individual, department or organization determined by the end-user
  • IREX Platform then assists the operation by:
  1. Tracking of the individual on maps and floor plans
  2. Searchveillance (uploading new photos, screenshots or entering appearance features to perform google-like searches across all connected cameras)
  3. IREX is completely transparent by design - all information is logged and auditable