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IREX Commits to Assist LG Legend Group with Afghan Humanitarian Crisis

IREX and Legend Group Foundation have committed to help trying to locate men, women and children that may have fallen into the atrocities of Human Trafficking.

London, United Kingdom - October 11, 2022: IREX is pleased to announce a long-term partnership with LG Legend Group to help assist with solving the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. Human Trafficking and other nefarious threats have accelerated across Afghanistan since the withdrawal of United States Armed Forces in August 30, 2021 – marking the end to two decades of war.

LG Legend Group is a humanitarian operation which includes rescuing Americans, Afghan allies and minorities living in imminent danger from Taliban persecution. A growing issue has been the resettlement of Afghan refugees and the dangers it poses. Fleeing their communities and not having strong support networks has heightened Afghan refugees, like all other refugees to fall into Human Trafficking rings internationally. Learn more about how IREX is finding Human Trafficking victims.

“Legend Group is thrilled to be partnering with IREX to work toward our common goal of ensuring all Afghan refugees are resettled into a safe environment so that they can rebuild their lives and contribute to their communities. The IREX technology will be instrumental in ensuring safety of Afghan refugees who might otherwise be lost in human trafficking.” - Jazz Cannon, Legend Group Executive Director

Legend Group Foundation is a veteran-operated non-governmental organisation led by an Afghan-American U.S. army combat veteran. We are a group of American patriots and Afghan diasporas who came together after the Aug. 2021 forceful invasion of Afghanistan with one vision: restore America’s honor by solving the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. Find out more about LG Legend Group