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Demo: IREX Video Quality Monitoring AI

IREX enables 24/7 automated video quality monitoring to detect camera or light failures, network bandwidth issues and camera vandalism/tampering. This monitoring service is very important in large installations where most cameras are only viewed in emergency situations or if an accident has taken place.
The above video shows how to set up the following detectors:
  • Signal Loss: power cuts & camera overheating
  • Low Frame Rate: insufficient network bandwidth
  • Camera Shifted: vandalism, inclement weather, construction workers
  • Scene Too Dark: IR lighter or camera aperture controller failure, vandalism & sun position
  • Scene Too Light: camera aperture controller failure & sun position
  • Out of Focus: lens need cleaning, inclement weather & vandalism

How it Works?

IREX generates multiple reference frames during different times of the day & time of the year. The IREX algorithms continuously compare the input of the video versus the reference frames. Any deviation from the reference frames generates an alert that appears on a dashboard of the service team.
The IREX video quality monitoring service is the key component to guarantee 24/7 availability of evidence video & boost productivity of the camera service team.