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Demo: Forensic Video Analysis with IREX Media Player

Unlike most VSaaS, IREX is built from scratch as an AI-driven platform for Smart Cities. IREX video analytics is the core of the platform rather than an add-on to a cloud video recorder.

The IREX media player is a swiss army knife to replay evidence video, review real-time alerts, and carry out multi-user investigations.

Comprehensive Search: A directional tripwire and regions of interest can be used to search people and vehicles post-factum. Text search is available to find identified persons and vehicles.

Event Annotation: all events such as a person or vehicle entrance, face matching, license plate recognition, appear on the timeline. Bounding box annotations can be enabled for a better event interpretation.

Video Downloader: users can select a time range and download video footage in a standard container (.MOV). Users can also generate a link to share the file with other users. 

Powerful Magnifier: digital zoom is available on live and recorded video streams, optical zoom is available on live video streams from PTZ cameras.

Playback Speed Control: from 10% to 800% of the normal speed.

Deep Links: IREX users can exchange URI's to play live or recorded video from any moment of time.

Multiple Timezones: users can select the base timezone for the player and all other tools.

HTML5 Video: the IREX player runs in any web browser, no plug-ins or special firewalls are required.