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IREX Technology Has Assisted In The Capture Of Over 100 Criminals During The First 4 Months Of Deployment

London, United Kingdom – February 15, 2022: NYC Mayor Eric Adams (pictured above) has recently become one of the world leaders within a city to openly discuss the expansion of surveillance technology within his city of New York. Adams, a retired police captain himself declared “We will also move forward on using the latest in technology to identify problems, follow up on leads and collect evidence — from facial recognition technology to new tools that can spot those carrying weapons, we will use every available method to keep our people safe”.

IREX has now been deployed in many cities around the world, with a focus on bringing Ethical AI to the forefront of public safety and security. IREX has had some recent success stories including the capture of over 100 criminals who have been wanted for over a year in an undisclosed city. All within the first 4 months of IREX connecting to their surveillance cameras. This is heavily due to IREX #1 first-place winner of the NIST competition for effectiveness of this class of technology.

See here NIST competition scores.

The project has allowed IREX to connect to their existing surveillance infrastructure around the city and trigger bespoke alerts to relevant departments regarding the detection of a wanted criminal and perform searchveillance - a “google-like” search for personnel across all IREX connected surveillance cameras available to the user.

IREX has ensured transparency by design with this revolutionary technology, meaning all users actions are logged, which then crucially can be audited. See here IREX Engineered for Ethics.

With the world in uncertainty regarding AI capabilities, ethics and outcomes - IREX is focused on building a safer future and treats the issues as a challenge to solve and opportunity to bring public safety and security to a higher level while creating trust with society.

To find out more about IREX and watch our 4 minute demo - see here: