Qualify FOR A free iREX development
IREX is delighted to offer free deployments of its Ethical AI to better protect your neighbourhoods, communities, cities, schools and more.

See if you'll qualify for a free deployment of the world's leading artificial intelligence surveillance solution:

We Protect 24/7

  • Existing IP cameras installed
    Internet Protocol cameras, also called IP cameras or network cameras, provide digital video surveillance by sending and receiving footage over the internet or local area network (LAN). Like their name suggests, IP cameras connect to a network through WiFi.
  • A use-case/ reason to deploy IREX Ethical AI Platform
    Learn more about our AI Surveillance Modules

What you get with IREX:
IREX will connect to your existing cameras and be able to find missing people, detect threats and incidents through world leading AI video analytics.

Register here to see if your city, community, school or other qualifies for a free deployment of IREX:
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