Why is More Cities Choosing IREX to be Their Big Data Platform?

AI Ethics
Data is the key to making cities safer, more comfortable, and sustainable. In every domain of modern city governance—public transportation, healthcare, emergency, and disasters—data is used as the foundation for evidence-based practices.

As your city grows, IREX retains a virtually unlimited amount of IoT events, video analytics metadata, snapshots, and video—making the data actionable, searchable, auditable, and exportable to third-party analytics platforms.

The IREX Smart City Platform has very unique features that enable cities to leverage Big Data and stay competitive:
  • Distributed Storage: IREX uses open-source Ceph storage platform and NoSQL databases Apache Cassandra and Apache Ignite for linear scalability and proven fault tolerance on commodity hardware. All the open-source components are supported by IREX. Learn more.
  • Engineered for Ethics: IREX provides constraints and safeguards affecting what data are created, how and by whom data are accessed, stored, and shared, to protect the privacy and ethical norms of free societies. Learn more.
  • Multitenant Data Management: IREX let you control access permissions and data retention period to serve multiple organizations in your city.
  • Comprehensive API: IREX enables secure data export to third-party city services and Big Data platforms such as Google Data Studio.  Learn more

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