Why IREX is the Most Secure and Cost-Effective Platform for the Public Sector?

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IREX brings the cloud-native architecture to the conservative public safety industry while providing the most secure and cost-effective option for on-prem deployments.

Cloud-native is a modern approach to building and running software applications that exploit the flexibility, scalability, and resilience of cloud computing. Cloud-native encompasses the various tools and techniques used by software developers today to build applications for the public and private cloud, as opposed to traditional architectures using virtual machines, relational databases, and RAID storage.

The cloud-native approach was pioneered by a group of companies commonly referred to as “born in the cloud” — such as streaming giants Netflix and YouTube. The cloud-native approach has since been adopted by other companies looking for similar digital agility and disruptive competitive advantage.

Like most cloud-native apps, the IREX Smart City Platform is based on loosely coupled microservices, containers, Kubernetes, immutable infrastructure, REST APIs, and continuous delivery technology with techniques like DevOps and agile methodology.

The following table provides a comparison of the IREX cloud-native platform with traditional video management and video analytics platforms:

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Continuous Delivery is the Key for Mission-Critical Public Safety Applications

With Kubernetes' continuous delivery in place, IREX engineers and/or your team can deploy changes throughout the day, instead of quarterly or monthly. Continuous delivery also provides a mechanism to roll back changes whenever they need to. Continuous delivery is essential for providing uninterrupted service to thousands of users while applying updates with new features or security patches. 

IREX is More Secure than Any Traditional Non-Cloud  Alternative

While offering all the benefits of the cloud architecture, IREX Smart City Platform can be self-hosted in a private network on-premises or in a data center designated by the client. This deployment model ensures strict compliance, sovereignty, data protection, and security requirements. 

With continuous delivery of security patches, advanced monitoring tools, and an integrated web application firewall IREX provides a higher level of security than any traditional alternatives, e.g Windows-based VMS, NVR, or PSIM.

IREX is the More Cost-Effective Platform for the Public Sector

It is true that most private cloud deployments turn out to be more expensive than public clouds. This is because of subscription fees for the private cloud software, support, and DevOps. But this is not the case for IREX. 

The IREX Smart City Platform ships with a private cloud and web application firewall based on open-source. This infrastructure is optimized for video AI and Big Data analytics, making IREX more efficient when running on dedicated bare-metal servers, than in public clouds.

IREX customers do not need to buy expensive infrastructure software for virtualization, distributed storage,  and monitoring. The IREX all-one license or subscription provides all the software and support needed to run the system on bare-metal servers.