Top 5 most popular IREX applications in 2022 so far
July 12, 2022
Alexandria, Virginia - July 12, 2022: After an extensive survey of existing IREX clients around the world, IREX is pleased to announce the most popular applications/ use cases of IREX currently deployed during the first half of 2022. IREX would like to thank all those who participated in this research.

IREX formulated all responses and was able to successfully categorise the Top 5 most popular applications of the IREX Technology in 2022 so far, below in ascending order are the results:

AI-Powered Video Analytics Module:
Human Detected on Rail-Track
The fifth most popular application of IREX has been one of its unique AI-powered Video Analytic modules, the ability to detect when a person appears on the rail tracks. Prominent throughout European metros and railways, the real-time alert is given by IREX to the end-user when someone appears on the rail tracks.
“From suicide prevention, helping ensure accidents becoming catastrophes & detecting people entering tunnels, IREX has significantly enhanced our response time”
*Fun Fact* - Unlike mainstream video analytics, the IREX modules can recognize different types of public transport and do not generate false alarms when trains stop or pass on rail tracks and when passengers are boarding the train.

AI-Powered Video Analytics Module:
Unattended Item
Coming in at fourth was our huge production scale AI-Powered Video Analytics Module, unattended item. Deployed in thousands of cameras, the AI module operates in very busy environments, such as transportation hubs and public spaces. IREX customers have expressed the ability to adjust the different response intervals (for example 30 seconds, etc) has ensured flexibility for different locations, different cameras, etc.
“The IREX Unattended Item module has helped in multiple facets to assist us, including illegal dumping across our city”

AI-Powered Video Analytics Module:
Prohibited Vehicle Alerts
This AI module brought by IREX may not headline grab as much as Weapon Detection or others but it has been a source of huge ROI from end-users. Cities in recent years have become overly congested with vehicles, with IREX’s ability to both identify prohibited vehicles during specific hours has assisted local governments/ councils/ cities and road police to distribute tickets after IREX real-time alerts.

*Fun Fact* - One of IREX’s clients distributed a record number of vehicle violations tickets within the first month of IREX deployed in existing public surveillance cameras.

AI-Powered Video Analytics Module:
Person & Suspect Recognition
With IREX’s Person Recognition deployed in thousands of cameras, we have had many success stories from our end-users during this extensive surveying. Q1 and Q2 of 2022 has seen users deploy this module in co-ordination or solely from Security Teams/ Law Enforcement and the results have been outstanding. Case studies range from world-renowned sports events preventing banned individuals/ wanted criminals entering the stadium and surrounding areas to triggering alerts for known shoplifters for our supermarket/retail customers – IREX is leading the race worldwide for accuracy and speed in correct recognition.
*Fun Fact* - IREX has partnered with Missing Children & Anti-Human Trafficking organizations to use this module to help find and recover missing children and victims. IREX offers free pilots to all cities and organizations across the USA to run this module.

IREX Big Data Capabilities:
Unifying All Existing Surveillance Cameras
In 2022, budget restrictions, chip shortages and prolonged supply chains have affected both the public and private sector. IREX’s ability to connect all existing hardware, utilising their current infrastructure and harnessing that data through the power of IREX has proved a significant moment in how we view “Big Data''. Customers include Highway Patrols around the United States who, before IREX had dying surveillance systems, IREX has centralised all these cameras under one platform and triggered real-time alerts for specific events that occur under surveillance.
“IREX has breathed new life into our existing surveillance and made us realise we haven’t been using all the big data we had available to us already without deploying new hardware”
*Fun Fact* - IREX connects to any surveillance camera and has unlimited scalability
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