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MOBI-CLAW911 AI Leads to Drug Arrest

IREX South African partners MOBI-CLAW911 have utilised AI across the city of Westville in Durban, South Africa and the results cannot be ignored.
Earlier this week MOBI-CLAW911 was alerted to potential “suspicious activity” (see examples here) through their AI platform. This particular instance turned out to be a drug deal that was able to be thwarted by the police and resulted in the arrest of a suspect. 

MOBI-CLAW911 explained that “Filtering the footage through our artificial intelligence, the system alerted our operator to an individual of interest”. MOBI-CLAW911 went on to praise the businesses and city that investing in the right technology and equipment pays off “Thank you to Thekwini Toyota and other businesses within the Westville CBD for making this contribution to your community and creating a safe shopping environment”.

The partnership between IREX and MOBI-CLAW911 is an example of enhancing safety and security for communities around the world. If you wish to learn more about MOBI-CLAW911 please visit: