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Enhancing Public Safety: IREX Revamps Weapon Detector to Minimize False Alerts by Over 90%

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In our continuous effort to bolster public safety, IREX proudly unveils an upgraded version of its weapon detection video analytics module. This enhancement remarkably diminishes false alerts by more than tenfold, significantly elevating the efficacy of monitoring systems. Consequently, the application of our advanced public safety AI becomes more feasible across a multitude of venues, from campuses and metros to stadiums and other public assemblies.
Historically, the proliferation of false alarms hampered the integration of this technology with existing camera setups. Despite the clarity offered by high-definition cameras, distinguishing genuine threats from innocuous objects, such as umbrellas, scooters, mobile devices, and various personal belongings with profiles resembling firearms, remained a formidable challenge for both AI and human monitors.
The innovative module we're introducing takes a dual-pronged approach to mitigate these false positives:
  1. The primary neural network scrutinizes frames at medium resolution to identify any object bearing a resemblance to a weapon.
  2. A secondary neural network engages in a meticulous analysis of detected objects and their immediate environment at optimal resolution. This ensures genuine threats are distinguished from benign items.
To enhance its precision, the weapon detection system was meticulously trained using extensive datasets culled from mass shooter simulations, publicly available police videos, military exercises, video games, and relevant social media content.
An added layer of sophistication is its ability to assess the dynamics of a weapon and its bearer, thereby eliminating false alarms triggered by stationary objects, such as a poster displaying an image of a firearm.
In the US, the chilling statistic stands that active shooter incidents typically last 12.5 minutes, with an alarming average of 5 minutes elapsing before law enforcement is notified post-gunfire. Our revamped weapon detector boasts an average response time of under 20 seconds—a critical advantage that holds the potential to save countless lives.
This state-of-the-art weapon detection capability can seamlessly integrate with pre-existing camera infrastructures at various pivotal points, including building entrances, hallways, parking facilities, elevators, and other key areas. Available as a feature of the IREX subscription service, institutions can swiftly implement this system without the burden of significant capital expenditure.