IREX School Shooting Preparedness has spent years developing its state-of-the-art AI Video Analytic Modules to be a force for good globally – including the protection of schools and educational institutions.

As the IREX Artificial Intelligence modules are continuously improved, we crucially factor in historical data such as shooter victim locations, shooting time periods and the significant incremental increase in school shootings.

Victim Location Trends

The statistics below showcase the locations of all K-12 school shootings over the last 12 months, with the most frequent occurrences happening at either Front of School or Parking Lot. Both these environments are where the IREX neural networks have been focusing upon to provide the best, most accurate results. See below full statistics:

Shooting Time Period Trends

Crucially, IREX has the ability to trigger real-time alerts for whenever the event occurs. See here IREX real time alerts. With that being said, it’s paramount for both IREX and school safety officers to realize the trends of shooting time periods of the last 12 months, notably a sharp increase at sporting events from the previous year.

School Shooting Frequency Exploding

School shootings have become almost a guaranteed weekly tragedy across the United States, the trendline below reads for an inclination that it has no signs of slowing down. With the IREX technology being deployed in already existing cameras, allows staff to respond to situations at a revolutionary rate – giving real-time, accurate information on the incident, allowing those to react appropriately.