Demo: Big Data Dashboards and Prediction Analytics for your Smart City

IREX seamlessly connects third-party data platforms such as Google Data Studio and Knowi to generate real-time dashboards, rich diagrams and custom reports for your Smart City.  These data platforms can also enable prediction analytics, for example, to predict traffic congestion and overcrowding.

Dashboard Metrics

The following metrics can be analysed with flexible filters for different time periods and locations.

Car Transport

  • Vehicles per hour per direction
  • Congestion
  • Average speed between cameras
  • Parking occupancy statistics
  • Pedestrian crossing/jaywalking
  • Driving violations statistics

Public Transport

  • Passengers per hour per direction
  • Passenger demographics statistics
  • Crowd and queue statistics
  • Abandoned luggage count
  • Passengers on rail track
  • Illegal trespassing

Where Dashboards Can Be Used?

  • Traffic Monitoring Centers 
  • Transport Control Rooms
  • Real-time Crime Centers
  • Fusion Centers

Privacy Protection

  • IREX exports anonymized data only
  • Raw video data and events are retained in Secure Private Cloud only if required by Law Enforcement and automatically deleted after 30 days

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