IREX Reduces Complexity of Public Safety for Governments

IREX is a turnkey Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) for real-time public safety monitoring and incident investigations. IREX provides interactive maps, video management, the world’s largest video analytics portfolio, AI ethics, comprehensive user logging and access control, out of the box for smart governments. 

Technical and organizational complexity is the key barrier to scale Artificial Intelligence and Big Data in the public sector. Before IREX, cities and states had to take into consideration expensive and risky activities such as: 

  • Complex system design
  • Capital expenditures (CapEx)
  • IT infrastructure management
  • System integration
  • Call centres (monitoring stations)
  • Ethics and compliance control

Today, thanks to the IREX innovative SaaS model and all-inclusive offering, customers benefit from easier budgeting, reduced risks, and shorter deployment time. End-users benefit from single window service and extended feature set for all types of their needs in public safety, law enforcement, transport management, or city governance.

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