Staying Competitive while having Ethical Standards at The Core
1:00-1:45pm ET
Thursday, 5 August
About webinar
We would be discussing where the technology is today and the challenges to keep ethical standards at the core. The event features leading experts in AI and video analytics from US and UK.
Our Speakers
Calvin Yadav
Ashley Moore
Fraser Sampson
Surveillance Commissioner UK / Home Office
Daniel Eborall
Business Development / IREX
Webinar Agenda
Thursday, 5 August
1:00 – 01:02
1:00 – 01:02
Welcome Speech & Introduction of Speakers
1:03 – 01:18
1:03 – 01:18
Opening Statements
Ashley Moore, Fraser Sampson, Calvin Yadav
How can emerging companies stay competitive while having ethical standards at the core?
1:18 – 01:43
1:18 – 01:43
Combination of audience Q&A and opening statement remarks
Daniel Eborall, Business Development of IREX
1:43 – 01:45
1:43 – 01:45
Closing Statements
What happens in the next 18 months.
5th August, 1:00-1:45pm ET
Online registration
Participation in the event is free, but registration is required.
IREX allows cities to adapt to ever-changing threats, using Ethical AI technology to combat 21st-century problems such as pandemics, overcrowding, missing children, mass shootings, rising crime rates, and much more.

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