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Message From IREX CEO Calvin Yadav

IREX is changing the game when it comes to Ethical AI in Public Safety and video analytics. We believe in our core value of Ethical AI in creating a safer world while putting our customers first. Our mission is to mold cities of the future. We are in the right step towards a future that will change the way we think about AI and build software for smart cities. 

IREX has fundamentally changed how we deploy IT infrastructure for Smart Cities. Imagine your own city- the transport department is trying to communicate an urgent threat alert with your Water or Electric grid department.. and now there is an earthquake or a tornado and now these departments are trying to connect with the healthcare department.. As if today all these infrastructures perform independently and cannot transfer threat alerts and video data in real time- And Boom!! - IREX was born. IREX allows these end users to pick whichever vendor they wanna pick without interfering in their operations or even changing any hardware… WHILE securely communicating across different architectures.

I am proud of IREX’s team to be always able to come through and help the customer to improve schedule and maintain the risk of cost overrun. We have formed a vastly ta lented team of Xers that has a strong reputation for solving challenges and complex customer problems and needs.

My vision for IREX is to make this world a better, safer and a smarter place for the next generation. The world of AI and machine learning is a fast moving and very exciting world. One thing I have learned is that the world of innovation does not respect traditions. I want to keep innovation at the heart of IREX's core while IREX inspires cities to adapt to ever-changing threats using AI technology to combat 21st-century problems.

This is the year 2021 and we as a country and as a world are coming out of a global pandemic. This pandemic has taught us a lot of lessons in the world of business, leadership and even our relationships. My message to all my team members, customers and shareholders is to keep an agile mindset for our growth.. And while pushing on innovation lets not leave human intelligence behind. Lets use our disruptive technologies to make this world a better and a kinder place for the leaders of tomorrow.