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Yahoo Calls Irex #1 AI Security Company

Original publication Yahoo!

The pandemic has been tormenting the world for many months now, and the end to it still seems further away each day.

As it becomes more and more obvious that returning to the old normal won’t be happening, and that humanity needs new tools in the battle against the virus that has already taken many lives.

In this battle for the well-being and safety of people around the world, technology can play a crucial role. Today, technology innovation has been making giant leaps, transforming industries one by one and at the same time seamlessly integrating into our daily lives.

Artificial intelligence has specifically been at the forefront of a lot of revolutionary solutions that have been streamlining business operations, making our lives easier, helping companies understand their consumers better, and now also ensuring maximum safety and security with their ability to study patterns and find anomalies.

This is exactly where IREX comes into play – an AI powered security operating system ranking #1 in collaborative security and searchveillance. IREX has quickly become the industry leader in security technology to reduce the risks associated with pandemics, terrorism and other safety threats. IREX AI-powered video surveillance technology can be deployed in public spaces of any size and constantly monitors the area for potential safety and health risks in real time.

What started as a collaborative security platform aiming to fight crime and support safety and security in crowded areas and public spaces has now become the perfect solution to also fight COVID-19. In times of a global health crisis, IREX uses machine learning-backed crowd management and monitoring solutions.

IREX’s cloud-based technology can support a wide range and large amounts of data, continue uninterrupted monitoring and ensure high scalability of the technology at all times, allowing the world to provide safety measures against the risks that coronavirus presents and take swift action in times when deviations from the norm are detected. IREX’s solution continues to increase its reach and currently operates over 55,000 cameras across public spaces and facilities including local and commercial businesses, public transport areas, and general public spaces, allowing the world to continue reopening without the risk of resurgence in cases globally. The private cloud architecture makes it possible to deploy the technology securely and make it accessible across unlimited cameras and unlimited users on multiple devices.

“It’s in times of crisis when the true potential of technology comes out”.

“IREX has the potential to contribute to the global efforts of ensuring that people feel safe wherever they go and the spread of the virus is halted for as long as possible.”

When it comes to specific applications of the IREX solutions, there are a few ways in which the technology has proven to be successful at managing and slowing the spread of the virus while maximizing people’s health security.

AI-Powered Social Distance Control

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the virus has the highest risk of spreading in large in-person gatherings where it is difficult to remain spaced at least 6 feet apart and attendees travel from outside the local area. In such circumstances of crowding, and especially if it’s the case that the individuals are not wearing personal protective equipment, the virus is more likely to spread at a faster rate and infect more people at once.

IREX’s AI-powered video technology can quickly detect risk-bearing crowds in public spaces and instantly notify you of the situation through an alarm system, allowing for swift action on time and preventing the future spread of the infectious disease.

Contact Tracing and Thermal Camera Fever Detection

Fever has been established as one of the key symptoms of COVID-19 since the early days of the pandemic. Oftentimes, it is a good frame of reference for identifying if an individual has contracted the virus so that more precautions can be taken for self-quarantining and self-isolating.

IREX’s surveillance technology has the ability to analyze the body temperature of individuals within its range and quickly identify elevated levels of temperature for people frequenting the public space. The technology finds and tracks individuals with potential fever symptoms on floor maps and instantly initiates contact tracing to contain the risk and identify prior instances with the potential to spread the virus further.

Messenger-based Collaboration for Response Teams

IREX’s technology also empowers response teams in more efficient collaboration and quicker action by connecting team members via messenger; public and private chats, providing real time communication. The system allows the teams to verify the identity of people reportedly in quarantine through a simple photo upload, ensuring that the individuals comply with the self-isolation guidelines.

Should there be a need for intervention and quick action, the teams receive push notifications with the relevant photos and personal information about the situation and individuals involved.

IREX’s technology comes at a time when innovative solutions are vital to bringing the world together in an effort to reduce health risks with pandemics. The technology that encompasses capabilities such as person identification, temperature assessment, multiple camera tracking, and object classification among others intersect with AI, Cloud and Big Data Technologies, making it the best solution for a global health crisis.

“It’s incredible what we can achieve with the level of sophistication that modern AI technology has,” says Gary Fowler. “IREX’s unique use of machine learning has found its true purpose in the midst of this global pandemic, and this is the time to double down on pushing the boundaries of what is possible to fight for the safety and health security of people globally.”

SOURCE:Authority Titans