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IREX.AI – Facial Recognition & Artificial Intelligence

Originally published: ProtectiveIntelligenceNetwork
With the support of artificial intelligence algorithms,IREX.AI , in collaboration with Protective Intelligence Network, monitors and protects crowds from terrorism threats, crime, and large-scale outbreaks of infectious diseases.
Through an easy and powerful platform of tools designed to empower security personnel at mass events and gathering IREX delivers robust, military-grade protection and peace of mind that has never been attainable before.
It complements the work of security professionals to guarantee an unprecedented level of safety for all.
IREX uses Artificial Intelligence technology to combat 21st century problems, allowing organizations to adapt to ever-changing threats with ease. Powered by machine learning, IREX provides contact tracing, social distancing and crowd management.

Identify – Detect – Prevent

Protective Intelligence Network is partnering with IREX in the Asian Region on a mission to protect people by empowering them to relax and enjoy large venues and events without worrying about global threats.
With one of the most passionate, dedicated, and talented teams in the world, IREX and Protective Intelligence Network in Singapore are committed to deploying the world’s best facial recognition and security surveillance software to defeat the world’s most dangerous threats.
  • Searchveilliance™ is when you can find a person of interest by simply uploading a photo and receive instant results determining where and when this person was spotted.
  • AI-Powered Social Distance Control Instant alarm if crowding is detected in public spaces during coronavirus (COVID-19) and other dangerous infections Dashboard analytics provide an overview;
  • Contact Tracing and Thermal Camera Fever Detection Instant alarm if a person with elevated temperature walks into a public space
  • Thermal and cctv video integration Find and Track the person on maps and floor maps, as well as initiate contact tracing for risk containment.
  • IREX is available on-demand: no server and storage hardware needed to be deployed across sports venues.The IREX private cloud architecture enables secure, resilient, and easy deployment across unlimited cameras and unlimited users on multiple devices.

Facial Recognition Intelligence Databases

Moroever Protective Intelligence Network,offers to you an innovative service, aimed to enhance the security of your people during events, gatherings, sensitive meetings, in any considered place on earth.
At the heart of a Facial Recognition System (FRS) is the information contained in the database, used by algorithms for the comparison of scanned entities.

Protective Intelligence Network creates ‘ad hoc’ intelligence databases containing verified information and files of the undesirable people you provided, or criminal and terrorist included in updated law enforcement wanted lists.

In this way, you may add an enhanced security level to your sensitive event ad enhance the power of your facial recognition system.