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The Psychological Shift of Using AI in Security - IREX to host insightful webinar

The use of Artificial Intelligence in Security has brought about a significant psychological shift in the way we approach security. AI has revolutionized the way we detect and prevent security breaches, and it has also changed the way we think about security.

IREX Director, Daniel Eborall, who has an extensive background in security including experiences working alongside governments around the world, managing top 5 capacity stadiums in the world and an academic background of an MBA with Emphasis in Security Management will be joined by Behavior Analyst & Board Certified Psychologist, Gerron Cooper, M.Sc. BBCBA, LBA.

The Psychological Shift of Using AI in Security Webinar:
Tuesday, April 25th @ 1:30pm EST

The webinar will discuss how AI has brought about the shift from reactive to proactive security. In the past, security measures were primarily reactive, meaning that they were put in place after a security breach had occurred. With AI, security measures are now proactive, meaning that they are put in place to prevent security breaches from happening in the first place.

The goal is to also answer open questions from both societies' key concerns regarding the use of AI but also the users of AI, including the psychological shift in adoption.
Watch a full version of the webinar here.