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IREX Technology in South Africa providing instant results

A small deployment across Durban, South Africa has demonstrated the power of IREX’s capabilities. Through IREX’s South African partners MOBI-CLAW911 2 arrests within the first few weeks of connection to the cameras available in Westville CBD.

Suspicious activity through AI-powered “loitering detection” allowed MOBI-CLAW911 control room operators to be alerted to the situation. The situation occurred in the parking lot of a shopping center by Church Street, Westville, South Africa. 

MOBI-CLAW911 reported: “Once the AI alerted us, the control room operator zoomed in and monitored the activity which he identified as suspected drug dealing. He monitored what seemed to be transactions taking place and where the suspect appeared to be stashing the drugs.

The operator reported the incident to South African Police Services (SAPS) via our MC911 Cyber Control. SAPS were quick to attend, on their arrival a suspect attempted to run away, a foot chase ensued and the suspect was arrested. 

The control room operator who was monitoring the arrest contacted one of the SAPS members on the ground and guided him and his colleagues to where the suspected drugs to be stashed, SAPS members found a bag at the spot containing suspected narcotics.

MOBI-CLAW911 has made this footage available to the investigating officer as evidence which may be used in court.

What makes us different is our advanced artificial intelligence paired with on the ball operators, our reporting methods and a significant investment from businesses in the area, this combination produces results in terms of arrests and cleaning the streets of these criminals.”

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