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IREX Responds to New AI Security Guidelines by NCSC and CISA

December, 18, 2023 – Today IREX announced its response to the recently released "Guidelines for Secure AI System Development" by the UK's National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA). As a global leader in developing cloud-based video services for public safety, IREX reaffirms its commitment to upholding the highest standards of ethics and human rights in AI development and application.
The new guidelines by NCSC and CISA focus on ensuring the security and ethical integrity of AI systems. IREX's CEO, Calvin Yadav, stated,
"We welcome these guidelines as they align perfectly with our mission to create AI solutions that not only enhance public safety but also respect and protect individual rights and freedoms. Our technology, used by public safety agencies, local governments, and various security teams, is designed to be both powerful and responsible, addressing serious challenges like mass shootings, sex offenses, and human trafficking, while strictly adhering to ethical norms."
IREX has always prioritized the ethical implications of AI, particularly in sensitive areas like video analytics. The partnership with the National Child Protection Task Force stands is a testament to the company's dedication to using technology for social good, especially in combating human and child trafficking and locating missing children.

As part of its commitment to these new guidelines, IREX will:

● Conduct comprehensive reviews of its AI systems to ensure alignment with the NCSC and CISA guidelines.
● Enhance transparency in its AI operations, providing clear information to stakeholders about how its technology works and the safeguards in place.
● Continue its robust collaboration with human rights organizations to ensure its solutions uphold the values of free societies.
● Invest in ongoing research and development to further enhance the security and ethical standards of its AI solutions.

Now IREX takes the pride to report what we have already done to stay aligned with those guidelines.
IREX Responds to New AI Security Guidelines by NCSC and CISA
Secure Design

  • Advanced Data Access Management: Our system incorporates sophisticated mechanisms for managing data access to restrict the use of high-risk AI features by the users that do not have enough privileges.
  • Comprehensive Event Logging: We implement detailed logging of all system events, ensuring user accountability for actions taken on our platform.
  • Data limitations: we impose strict limits upon the size and content of watchlists to reduce the possibility of abusive reactions.

Secure Development

  • Adoption of Globally Recognized Models: Our approach includes the utilization of internationally acclaimed models, combined with extensive expertise, rigorous testing, and continuous oversight of our entire supply chain.
  • Bias awareness: We devote significant effort to minimize the inherent demographic bias in face recognition by carefully selecting training datasets that align most closely with our customers' specific conditions. Furthermore, we continually educate our clients on the potential implications of demographic bias and provide guidance on how to mitigate its effects.

Secure Deployment

  • Secure Private Cloud Infrastructure: We employ a robust private cloud architecture, prioritizing the security and integrity of our digital infrastructure. IREX offers the option to choose between on-premises cloud deployment, managed single or multi-tenant private cloud, or virtual public cloud. IREX customers choose the datacenter, where the data is physically stored and processed.
  • Physical Protection: The Platform can be used to safeguard its own servers and network equipment by timely detection of intrusions, access rule, fire security violations, etc.

Secure Operations and Maintenance

  • Secure by design approach to updates: we include automated updates by default in every product and use secure, modular update procedures to distribute them.
  • Monitor system inputs and behavior: we pay much attention to validation of input data, incorrect data format messaging, prompts to the operator, etc.
  • Information-sharing communities and collaboration are strongly encouraged across the entire global ecosystem to collect and share lessons learned.
  • Personnel Training and Security: After a Quick Start and Complete User Guide with ethical and security issues outlined in both, we go on with a comprehensive training course that will contain applicable federal and state law, safeguarding password information and data, sharing of data, reporting misuse and much more.

"Adhering to these guidelines is not just a regulatory requirement for us, it's a moral obligation. We believe in the power of AI to make the world a safer place, and we are committed to developing these technologies responsibly," added Calvin.

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