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Locating Missing Children Globally - Made Easier With IREX & Paradigm Intelligence Partnership

Murrieta, CA - October 23, 2023 —, a leading artificial intelligence and computer vision company, has announced a groundbreaking partnership with Paradigm, a renowned global organization dedicated to locating missing children, combatting crime and counter-terrorism. This partnership aims to leverage cutting-edge technology to connect to surveillance cameras worldwide, utilizing Paradigm's extensive access to missing children reports and other data to help locate and reunite families with their loved ones.

The collaboration between and Paradigm represents a significant step forward in the efforts to address the global issue of missing children.'s advanced computer vision technology will enable the systematic scanning and analysis of surveillance camera footage, making it possible to identify and track the movements of children who have been reported missing. By integrating with Paradigm's extensive network and missing children databases globally, the two organizations hope to significantly improve the chances of locating and reuniting missing children with their families.

Key Features of the and Paradigm Collaboration:

  • Global Reach:'s technology will be integrated with surveillance camera networks from various locations worldwide, ensuring that missing children can be tracked and located on a global scale.

  • Advanced Computer Vision:'s state-of-the-art computer vision algorithms will assist in identifying missing children from surveillance footage, even in crowded or challenging environments.

  • Enhanced Database Access: Paradigm will provide with access to their extensive databases of missing children, bolstering the ability to cross-reference data and increase the success rate of locating missing children.

  • Real-time Alerts: The integrated system will provide real-time alerts to law enforcement and relevant authorities when a missing child is identified or detected, expediting the response and reunification process.

  • Privacy and Ethics: Both and Paradigm are committed to maintaining the privacy and ethical treatment of data, ensuring that the system is used in compliance with legal and ethical standards. and Paradigm recognize that this collaboration is a powerful step towards reuniting families and bringing missing children home. The project reflects their shared mission to harness technology for the greater good and make a positive impact on society.
"I’ve been coordinating with Larry for years now and he’s one the best in the world right now when it comes to providing the right information on what we need to help tackle this and other global issues - we don’t announce our successes publicly for security reasons but it’s a revolutionary combination between Paradigm and IREX to provide results" said Daniel Eborall, Global Director of
Larry Cameron at Paradigm, expressed their enthusiasm, saying, "We believe that this collaboration with will be a game-changer in our efforts to locate missing children. The integration of technology and our extensive databases and global network will help us make a substantial impact on this issue. We do not want to stop looking for these children while we sleep and want to ensure continuous monitoring 24/7/365"
About is a leading artificial intelligence and computer vision company, specializing in developing cutting-edge technology solutions for various applications, including surveillance and security. The company is dedicated to using its expertise to address important social issues and make a positive impact on society.

About Paradigm: Paradigm is a global organization committed to the safe and compassionate location of missing children, recovery of victims and to combat crimes. With our extensive datasets and a network of dedicated professionals, Paradigm works tirelessly to bring missing children back to their families and provide support to those affected by child abduction.

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