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How Do IREX Cobots Reduce Response Time and Prevent Catastrophic Mistakes in Public Safety?

The uncertainty in situational awareness causes the most dramatic mistakes during a public safety crisis such as mass shootings, terror attacks, or hostile protests. Fast and efficient communication is the key to overcome the "fog of war" and support high-stakes decisions.

IREX Secure Messenger enables virtual collaboration of response teams, security staff, and other stakeholders:

Unified Messaging: Each user group of the IREX Smart City Platform has a dedicated workspace in the IREX Secure Messenger for direct communication, public or private chats, audio, and video calls. The messaging platform is deployed on the same private cloud infrastructure as the IREX Smart City Platform.

Event Filters: IREX users easily build event filters for a one-click search of past events and real-time alerts about new events in accordance with the predefined criteria. For example, a user can create a filter for weapon and smoke detections within a specific venue or city district.
Alert Cobots: The IREX cobot automatically creates messenger channels (i.e. group chats) for shared event filters, adds authorized users and pushes real-time alerts to the channels with event images, text descriptions, as well as deep links to play video. In the demo below, the IREX cobot sends photos of pre-identified people and vehicles entering a facility. Channel members can browse, comment, forward alerts, and upload evidence media. All the activities of the cobot and users appear in the channel.
No Information Overload: Unlike systems using email or SMS, IREX organizes all the alerts in channels corresponding to event filters. Users can join, mute, leave, and re-join alert channels in accordance with their constantly changing priorities. Event filters can be easily adjusted to minimize false alarms and irrelevant events.

Any Device, Anywhere: IREX Secure Messenger runs on any platform such as Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac. The messenger is the key tool for users working in the field, for example, at a crime scene or in a laboratory. It is the most organic approach to get notified, share evidence photos, and track progress.