News & Events Successfully Launches Peru’s First Real Smart-City

Murrieta, California – April 18, 2024: has been selected to power Peru’s first Smart City after successful pilot projects.

Peru's emergence as a leader in smart city innovation marks a significant milestone in the country's technological evolution. Now powered by's innovative solutions, Peru's urban centers are poised to become safer, smarter, and more efficient than ever before.

Peru is grappling with a concerning rise in crime rates, with statistics revealing an urgent need for innovative solutions to address this pressing issue. According to recent data, incidents of theft, assault, and organized crime have surged across urban centers, posing significant challenges to public safety and urban resilience, with a 15% increase across the board. However, with the deployment of's cutting-edge technology, there is renewed hope in the fight against crime. With IREX’s Ethical AI Smart City Platform now in action, Peru is poised to turn the tide against crime, fostering safer and more secure communities for its citizens.
The IREX Ethical AI Smart City Platform integrates advanced AI algorithms with a strong ethical framework, ensuring that data usage is transparent, accountable, and respects individual privacy rights. By harnessing the power of AI, the platform enables real-time monitoring, analysis, and response to various urban challenges, with a primary focus on enhancing safety and security measures.

"We are thrilled to partner with Peru in realizing their vision of a smarter, safer future," said Calvin Yadav, CEO of "Our Ethical AI Smart City Platform represents a paradigm shift in urban management, prioritizing not only efficiency and security but also ethical principles and individual rights. Together, we can create cities that are not only technologically advanced but also inclusive, sustainable, and resilient."

The implementation of's Ethical AI Smart City Platform marks a significant step forward in Peru's journey towards sustainable urban development. By harnessing the transformative power of AI while upholding ethical standards, Peru is setting a precedent for other nations seeking to embrace innovation responsibly through IREX.

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