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IREX Enhances its Cloud Infrastructure: A Leap Toward Amplified Efficiency and Scalability

IREX proudly announces a significant enhancement to its Ethical AI Platform, designed to ascend to unprecedented heights of scalability in terms of connected cameras and active users. This pivotal upgrade allows for both linear and autonomous scaling of every distinct microservice within IREX-hosted and user-hosted instances of the platform.

Optimizing Data Center Network Efficiency

The latest upgrade has remarkably decreased internal data center traffic by 70% due to the introduction of a more effective video repacker. By eliminating network equipment bottleneck, this new repacker significantly reduces the minimum hardware requirements.

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Introducing a Unified Priority Queue for Searchveillance™

In this renewed platform version, all Searchveillance™ queries are now directed to a single, unified priority queue. This innovation ensures guaranteed responses to users, even during peak usage hours. The priority for each query is set based on a range of factors, including the type of search, user level, and more. With the aid of a distributed in-memory database, an almost instantaneous search in Big Data is possible. During periods of maximum load, computationally intensive queries could experience delays up to 1 minute, but rest assured, no queries will be rejected.

The robustness of the new architecture has been rigorously tested with an instance accommodating 500 simultaneous users out of a pool of 10,000 registered users. The scope of these tests covered a wide range of actions, from event search to video playback and video file export.

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