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IREX Provides Connectivity for CJIS Security Policy Compliant Environments

IREX has a long and successful track record of customers using the IREX Secure Cloud for securely transporting a wide range of sensitive workloads. This contains Federal, State & Local Government workloads, including Criminal Justice Information (CJI) data.

Law Enforcement customers (plus partners who manage CJI) utilize the IREX AI-powered platform and IREX cloud services by: Easily extending and managing secure network connectivity to their policing vehicles, stations and surveillance locations while maintaining CJIS compliance.

The documentation below provides information to Law Enforcement agencies on how to leverage and manage secure AI-powered solutions that comply with CJIS Security Policy guidelines. Thus, delivering a significant ROI by:

• Reducing IT overhead costs

• Minimizing network downtime

• Maximizing the effectiveness of law enforcement activities & more

"After a multi-year journey working with the mission-critical applications and Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) officials across the US, IREX implemented a simple and technically robust approach to CJIS compliance" - comments the IREX CEO, Calvin Yadav.

Learn more about how IREX meets the CJIS requirements.